Architectural Engineering Transfer


For admission to TSU, undergraduate transferring students must apply through the office of Admissions and Records. Special documents are required for processing applications. For the details, refer to the "Transfer Students" section in the undergraduate catalog. This section of catalog is part of the "Academic Information" chapter of the catalog.

An applicant who wishes to major in AE must specify Architectural Engineering as her/his major in the application form.

For more information about Architectural Engineering Program at TSU, please study sections of this website, contact us by calling (615) 963-5421, or send an email to

Internal Transfers: a TSU student can change his/her major. Such a student must contact the department of the new major and complete and submit a change of major form. The new department will assign a new advisor to the transferring student. The form is sent to the Admissions and Records Office. This office will then change the student's major officially.

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