Paily Paily

Civil and Architectural Engineering

PH.D. Hydraulics Engineering, University of Iowa, 1974



Mathematical modeling of environmental processes
Mathematical modeling of fluid flow systems
Design and evaluation of urban drainage systems
Design of hydrologic and hydraulic systems
Design of economic collection systems for residential solid wastes

   Paily Paily

     Office: 108E Torrence Hall
     Phone: 615-963-5428 

Sample Titles of Paper Publications

A model for shore-attached thermal plumes in rivers
Modeling of river thermal regimes
Modeling of oil spill movement resulting from off-shore well blowouts
Economics of Residential solid waste collection
Sizing of secondary treatment filters for wastewater
Design considerations for open channel sections
Optimal siting of solid waste transfer stations for minimizing haul costs

Honors and awards

Teacher of the Year 1992-1993 Award, Tennessee State University.
Karl Emil Hilgard Hydraulics prize of the American Society of Civil
Engineers for the best paper published in the Journal of Hydraulics.

Sample Courses Taught at Tennessee State University

ENGR 3400 Numerical Analysis, 3 credit hours
CVEN 3000 Introduction to Environmental Engineering, 2 credit hours
CVEN 3100 Fluid Mechanics, 3 credit hours
CVEN 3250 Hydraulics Engineering, 3 credit hours
CVEN 3350 Hydrology, 3 credit hours
CVEN 4250 Water and Waste Water Engineering, 3 credit hours
CVEN 4280 Solid Waste Management, 3 credit hours
CE 528 Solid Waste Management, 3 credit hours (GRADUATE COURSE)

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