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College of Business, Dean's Office
College of Business, Office of Graduate Studies
College of Business Offices in Holland Hall

Business Administration
Business Information Systems
Economics and Finance


College of Business, Dean's Office Office  Phone Email 
Dr. Millicent Lownes-Jackson, Dean AWC K425 615.963.7127 mlownes@tnstate.edu
Dr. Retta Guy, Associate Dean AWC H405 615.963.7176 rguy@tnstate.edu
Ms. Gwen Carney, Office Manager AWC K425 615.963.7136 gcarney@tnstate.edu
Ms. Trena Barksdale, Director of Undergraduate Studies AWC H408 615.963.7138 tbarksdale@tnstate.edu
Ms. Lisa Smith, Director of Experiential Learning and Career Services AWC K434 615.963.7237 lsmith11@tnstate.edu
Ms. Marlo Wilt, Director of Public Service AWC H407 615.963.7369 mwilt@tnstate.edu
Ms. Marteda Turner-Oglesby, Unit Academic Advisor HH 615.963.5145 mturnero@tnstate.edu
Mr. Ronnie Baker, Network Systems Manager AWC K435 615.963.7044 rbaker15@tnstate.edu
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College of Business, Office of Graduate Studies Office Phone Email
Mr. Anis Mnif, Director of Graduate Programs AWC J403 615.963.7145 amnif@tnstate.edu
College of Business Offices in Holland Hall Office Phone   
Accounting HH 123 615.963.5996  
Business Administration HH 121 615.963.5542  
Business Information Systems HH 115 615.963.5193  
Economics and Finance HH 117 615.963.5424  
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Accounting Office  Phone Email 
Dr. Stephen Shanklin, Interim Department Chair, Frist Chair of Excellence AWC H410 615.963.7052 sshankli@tnstate.edu
Ms. Jane Jackson AWC 351 615.963.7428 jsjackson@tnstate.edu
Dr. Eva Jermakowicz AWC K412  615.963.7164  ejermakowicz@tnstate.edu  
Dr. H. Shirley Hsieh AWC K448  615.963.7165  hhsieh@tnstate.edu  
Dr. Reynard McMillan AWC K449 615.963.7167 rmcmill4@tnstate.edu
Ms. Randi Vivrette, Administrative Assistant AWC K423  615.963.7162  rvivrett@tnstate.edu  
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Business Administration Office Phone Email 
Dr. Chunxing Fan, Department Chair  AWC K432  615.963.7393  cfan@tnstate.edu  
Mr. Isaac Addae  AWC K428  615.963.7131  iaddae@tnstate.edu  
Dr. Ashley Alteri  AWC K445  615.963.7346  aalteri@tnstate.edu  
Dr. David Baker AWC J405  615.963.7152  dmbaker@tnstate.edu  
Dr. Phyllis Flott  AWC K428  615.963.7135  pflott@tnstate.edu  
Dr. Joel Jolayemi AWC K446  615.963.7134  jjolayemi@tnstate.edu  
Mr. Perry Lewis  AWC K440  615.963.5542  plewis7@tnstate.edu  
Dr. Xiaoming Li  AWC K441  615.963.7073  xli1@tnstate.edu
Dr. Vaidas Lukosius AWC L401  615.963.7128  vlukosius@tnstate.edu  
Dr. Carrie McCleese AWC K444 615.963.7341 churst@tnstate.edu
Dr. Sharon Thach AWC K438  615.963.7133  sthach@tnstate.edu  
Ms. Christine Tolliver AWC K414 615.963.7137 christine.tolliver@tnstate.edu
Dr. Ramaprasad Unni AWC K439  615.963.7343  runni@tnstate.edu  
Ms. Brittany Kidd-Rimando, Administrative Assistant AWC K436  615.963.7350  bkiddrim@tnstate.edu  
Ms. Kameka Word, Administrative Assistant AWC K433  615.963.7123  kword@tnstate.edu  
Business Information Systems Office  Phone  Email 
Dr. Jeffrey Siekpe-Sambo, Department Chair AWC K413 615.963.7132 jsiekpe@tnstate.edu  
Dr. Aurore Kamssu AWC K411 615.963.7205 akamssu@tnstate.edu  
Dr. David King AWC K404 615.963.7169 dking4@tnstate.edu  
Dr. Gerald Marquis AWC K409 615.963.7096 gmarquis@tnstate.edu
Dr. Muhammed Miah AWC K407 615.963.7015 mmiah@tnstate.edu
Dr. Santosh Venkatraman AWC K410 615.963.7315 svenkatraman@tnstate.edu
Ms. Tiffanie Harris, Administrative Assistant AWC K402 615.963.7088 tharri23@tnstate.edu
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Economics and Finance Office  Phone  Email 
Dr. Abu Wahid, Interim Department Chair  AWC I405 615.963.7387 awahid@tnstate.edu  
Dr. Dharmendra Dhakal AWC K418 615.963.7345 ddhakal@tnstate.edu 
Dr. Fadi Fawaz AWC K405 615.963.7337 ffawaz@tnstate.edu 
Dr. Soumendra Ghosh  AWC K416 615.963.7172 sghosh@tnstate.edu  
Dr. Melvin Johnson AWC J404 615.963.7218 mnj@tnstate.edu
Dr. Nelson Modeste AWC K417 615.963.7172 nmodeste@tnstate.edu
Mr. Millingo Nkosi AWC K 615.881.8719 venge.nkosi2014@gmail.com
Dr. Achintya Ray AWC J401 615.963.7347 aray4@tnstate.edu
Ms. Carla Brown, Administrative Assistant AWC K415 615.963.7145 cabrown@tnstate.edu
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