TSU Media On-Site Form

Media On-Site Form

This is the Tennessee State University Media On-Site Form. Please complete this form if you have invited media to attend your event. This form must be completed in its entirety and returned to the Media Relations Office two (2) days prior to the event. Please contact The Office of Media Relations at 615-963-5331 if you have additional questions.

Media On-Site Procedure 

  1. All Colleges/Units or event hosts must fill out a Media On-Site Form and return it with an attached news release, PSA, or flyer of event to the TSU Media Relations Office.

    The Media On-Site Form can be accessed on line at http://www.tnstate.edu/pr/contact.aspx, or by visiting the Media Relations Office in the General Services Bldg. on Tennessee State University’s main campus.

  2. The Media On-Site Form must be completed in its entirety, including required signatures, and returned to the Media Relations Office. The form will be stamped for approval and given to the appropriate departments for notification of media on campus.

  3. Media Relations will keep a copy of the form and forward the original document to the TSU Police Department immediately.  The event host will be given a copy as well.

  4. All Media must obtain a Media Press Pass from the Media Relations Office before clearance.  

  5. A representative from Media Relations will escort all media on the grounds until they are finished with coverage- interviews, live shots, or news conferences.  In the event that Media Relations staff is not available, someone from TSUPD or Security will escort all media during the visit.