Promoting an Event

How To Promote a TSU Event

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To advertise/promote a TSU event via the means below, you’ll want to contact each area mentioned:


Please complete the Tiger Headlines Form.

TSU MAIN CALENDAR (which displays on TSU homepage)

TSU Main Calendar:

Each department at TSU has the capability to put their own items on the TSU Main that the event will cycle through onto the homepage of the TSU website.  Therefore, please contact the specific department to which your event is a part of and have an employee log your event to the University Calendar.

The employee just needs to log-in to the calendar and post the event: If there are questions, please contact Events Management who administrates the TSU calendar system.


Each department posts information to their own websites.  Please contact the specific department about advertising your event on the department’s website.


If you’d like your event to be promoted over TSU email, you’ll want to first create the email that will go out.  Then, contact the specific department to send it over email.  Only certain VPs can approve items to be sent over TSU email: .


* Thank you again for caring enough to take the initiative to promote your event!