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 Activities and events within the department afford LLP students the opportunity to explore creative aspects of language, literature and philosophy beyond the classroom.  Events include publications, conferences, informal reading groups, spoken word events, public lectures, drama and film screenings. To learn more about LLP events, feel free to reach out to the department: Contact Us.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Introducing the new Social Media Intern: Tarrolyn Barras

Barras is the LLP Social Media Intern.  She will find new and inventive ways to keep you informed.  She will manage the LLP TwitterFacebook, and Blog Accounts with on the scene reporting and in-depth interviews. Her first blog has already been posted.  She writes: "I hope for some intriguing responses, and that you enjoy what you see from me this semester. I intend to give you 210% and to make you all proud." Check out her blog, and get reviews and all the news with Lynne.

Green Kaberet

The Green Kabaret Returns!

Prof. Marsha Williams and her Freshman Composition students will organize a Green Kabaret. This Service Learning initiative will involve United Nations youth advocate, Nishat Mirza, working as a mentor with classes. From NYC, Ms. Mirza will communicate with students as they explore through the research and writing about environmental degradation impacting their own communities---whether it be through contaminated public water supplies, such as occurred in Flint, Michigan two years ago, or through a school-funding system based on property values negatively impacted by environmental degradation.  Students’ voices will be heard through Ms. Mirza’s weekly  icastnews  broadcast in dialogue with other international youth sharing stories of environmental degradation impacting them and their families. "A key outcome of such interaction will be an understanding of how regional and global problems intersect but also of the hope found in carving out ways forward together." Learn more about this exciting project by contacting Prof. Williams. 

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Blacks in Europe: LLP to take 10 students to Copenhagen during Maymester
Applications due Oct. 26

The LLP department invites students to apply to enroll in a study abroad course for Maymester 2019.  The course is as study of the Harlem Renaissance writer Nella Larsen.  Students will read her two novellas, Quicksand (1928) and Passing (1929), and use Black feminist theory to examine the historical contexts that have led African American men and women to travel abroad to resist various levels of oppression in the United states. The class will begin on the TSU campus and will continue in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Enrollment in the course is limited to 10 students, and a limited number of scholarships are available to cover the cost of the experience.  Learn more here: Blacks in Europe.  Or contact Drs. Dixon and Hayes. 
Student success building

P.A.S.S. is back!

Beginning Aug. 27, LLP faculty members from the English department are working with Tiger Tutoring. Tutors will be available M-F 4:30-8pm in Room 202 of the Student Resource Center. This service is free to students. Tiger Tutoring is a great opportunity for students who need help with writing to receive immediate feedback from faculty.  Our writing tutors are equipped to help students at the University with various writing assignments and activities (within English department classes and beyond). They can assist the student at any stage of their writing process from brainstorming ideas to providing strategies for revision. For tutoring schedule and related information, visit the Tiger Tutoring Webpage

 Dr. Dixon

Congrats to Dr. Rebecca Dixon, who will be on sabbatical Fall 2018!

Kudos to Dr. Dixon who earned the Non Instructional Assignment Grant for Fall 2018.  This competitive award relieves a single faculty member from all faculty duties for one semester in order to pursue research, publication, or creative activity opportunities. She will be missed this semester, but we wish her luck in her scholarly pursuits. Dixon is the Coordinator of the Women's Studies Program. Her areas of specialization are Post-Colonial, African, Diasporic Literature, and Gender Studies.

Soul Fire Group Photo

 "We Want Live Words!"

Soul Fire  Poetry Group and Workshop will return Fall 2018.  The first meeting will be held at  5 p.m., Weds., Sept. 5, Humanities 103, and every Wednesday after . This departmental organization meets once a week to hone poetry writing and performance skills, organize open mic performances, and to workshop their ideas.  It features a Poet Mentor from Southern Word, who helps students craft their skills. Learn more about their efforts by clicking here: Soul Fire Mini-Documentary.

*Check Out Spoken Word Performances by the Soul Fire Members and Friends.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Michelle J. Pinkard


Our news develops over the school year as students and faculty participate in TSU activities, present at conferences, explore
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