Corey Barwick, PhD
Assistant Professor of Political Science

Fields: American Politics, Public Law, Research Methodology

Contact: 215 Crouch Hall, (615) 963-6342, cbarwick@tnstate.edu


Gashawbeza Bekele

Gashawbeza Bekele, PhD
Associate Professor of Geography

Fields: Human Geography, Geography of Africa, Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Contact: 413C Crouch Hall, (615) 963-5499, gbekele@tnstate.edu


Michael Bertrand

Michael Bertrand, PhD 
Professor of History

Fields: 20th Century US History, New South, History of Race, Music, and Popular Culture

Contact: 220 Crouch Hall, (615) 963-1376, mbertrand@tnstate.edu



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Pamela Bobo, MA
Instructor of History

Fields: US History, Tennessee History 

Contact: 210B Crouch Hall, (615) 963-2573, pbobo@tnstate.edu

   Keisha Brown  

Keisha A. Brown, PhD
Assistant Professor of History

Fields: Asian Studies, World History, Race and Ethnicity 

Contact: 210B Crouch Hall, (615) 963-5000, kbrow110@tnstate.edu


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   Sheri Browne

Sheri Browne, PhD 
Professor of History

Fields: US History, American Women's History, Women's Studies

Contact: 220 Crouch Hall, (615) 963-5505, sbrowne@tnstate.edu



Shameka Cathey, PhD 
Assistant Professor of Political Science

Fields: Political Science

Contact: 413E Crouch Hall, (615) 963-5514, scathey@tnstate.edu


   Theron Corse

Theron Corse, PhD
Associate Professor of History

Fields: Latin American History, World History

Contact: 406A Crouch Hall, (615) 963-7457, tcorse@tnstate.edu

Elizabeth Dachowski  

Elizabeth Dachowski, PhD  
Professor of History 

Fields:  Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern European History; World History 

Contact: 320 Crouch Hall, (615) 963-5507, edachowski@tnstate.edu

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Joel Dark    

Joel Dark, PhD
Professor of History

Fields:  Modern European History

Contact: 112 Crouch Hall, (615) 963-5516, jdark@tnstate.edu

Beau Driver

Beau Driver, PhD
Instructor of History

Fields: US History, Intellectual History, Labor and Working-Class History, History of Masculinity

Contact: 418 Crouch Hall, (615) 963-2193

  KT Ewing

K. T. Ewing, PhD 
Assistant Professor of History

Fields:  African American History, US History, Women and Gender 

Contact: 216 Crouch Hall, (615) 963-6741, ktewing@tnstate.edu

 Daniel Gibran

Daniel Gibran, PhD
Professor of Political Science

Fields: International Relations and Security, International Political Economy

Contact: 209 Crouch Hall, (615) 963-5650, dgibran@tnstate.edu

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Caleb Knies
Instructor of History

Fields: US History, Public History, Theory of History

Contact: 210F Crouch Hall

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Sekhmet Maat (McAllister), PhD
Assistant Professor of Africana Studies

Fields: African Centered Theory, African Spirituality

Contact: 207 Elliott Hall, [phone tba], cmcalli1@tnstate.edu

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John Miglietta    

John Miglietta, PhD
Professor of Political Science

Fields:International Politics, Middle East Politics

Contact: 211 Crouch Hall, (615) 963-5515, jmiglietta@tnstate.edu

Photo to come  

Kyle Murray, PhD
Instructor of Political Science

Fields: Global Political Economy, International Relations Theory and History, US History

Contact: 209A Crouch Hall, (615) 963-1394, kmurra10@tnstate.edu

Adebayo Oyebade    

Adebayo Oyebade, PhD
Department Chair,  Professor of History

Fields:  African and African Diaspora History, US History

Contact: 216 Crouch Hall, (615) 963-5506, aoyebade@tnstate.edu

Photo to come  

David Padgett, PhD
Associate Professor of Geography 

Fields:  Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Environmental Justice 

Contact: 213 Crouch Hall, (615) 963-5508, dpadgett@tnstate.edu

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Andrew Patrick     

Andrew Patrick, PhD 
Associate Professor of History

Fields:  Middle Eastern History, US History, World History, Teacher Education

Contact: 413D Crouch Hall, (615) 963-5742, apatric2@tnstate.edu

Andrea Ringer

Andrea Ringer, PhD 
Assistant Professor of History

Fields: Atlantic World, Labor History 

Contact: 210A Crouch Hall, (615) 963-7357, aringer1@tnstate.edu

Brian Russell  

Brian E. Russell, PhD 
Assistant Professor of Political Science

Fields:  American Politics 

Contact: 215 Crouch Hall, (615) 963-4930, brussell7@tnstate.edu

Erik Schmeller  

Erik Schmeller, PhD 
Professor of History

Fields:Early US History, British History 

Contact: 306 Holland Hall, (615) 963-5510, eschmeller@tnstate.edu

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Bethany Stollar, MA
Instructor of History

Fields: US History, Global History

Contact: 418 Crouch Hall, (615) 963-2139, bstollar@tnstate.edu

Kevin Vanzant

Kevin Vanzant, PhD
Instructor of History

Fields:Early US History 

Contact: 413A Crouch Hall, (615) 963-7554, kvanzant@tnstate.edu

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Cydya Williams, MA

Fields: Teaching and Learning, Africana Studies 
Africana Studies 

Contact: 201 Elliott Hall, (615) 963-5583, cjackson3@tnstate.edu

Learotha Williams  

Learotha Williams, Jr., PhD 
Associate Professor of History

Fields:  African American, Reconstruction, and Public History  

Contact: 320 Crouch Hall, (615) 963-5513, lwilli22@tnstate.edu

   Photo to come

Wosene Yefru, PhD 
Professor of Africana Studies

Fields:  African Studies, African Family and Community 

Contact: 201C Elliott Hall, (615) 963-7462, wyefru@tnstate.edu



Part-time Faculty

 Robert Evins Pickard  

Robert Evins Pickard, MA, MPA

Fields: US History, World History



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Retired Faculty

James Haney, PhD 
Associate Professor of History
African American History

Hoyt King, PhD
Associate Professor of Political Science.
American Government, American Legislative Process, Black Politics, Urban Politics

Bobby L. Lovett, PhD 
Professor of History
African American History, State and Local History

Elizabeth McClain, MS
Assistant Professor of History
African American History, Civil Rights

Gloria McKissack, MA
Instructor of History
American History, African American History, Civil Rights

Mayibuye Monanabela, PhD
Professor of Africana Studies

Jyotsna Paruchuri , PhD
Professor of Political Science

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