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The majors and minors offered by the Department of HPGA will give you the skills to embark upon a number of different career paths. During your time with our excellent faculty, you will become a much improved writer, a strong analytical thinker, and an informed citizen. Employers in fields as diverse as business, government, education, and law view the holders of our degrees as competent and thoughtful decision makers. We offer undergraduate majors in:

and minors in:


In partnership with the College of Education, our department also provides undergraduate teaching licensure programs in:

  • history
  • geography
  • government

...and a graduate-level history concentration for the Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree.


Political Science and History are the most popular majors of students entering law school.  Students interested in law school should take courses that help to develop their analytical and communication skills. Classes offered in history, geography, and political science provide excellent preparation for honing these specific skills.


The department supports:

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