College of Liberal Arts

A Broad Education for Achieving Big Dreams

Tennessee Intercollegiate State LegislatureThe College of Liberal Arts offers courses and programs in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, preparing students for a wide range of graduate and professional opportunities.

From the traditional academic disciplines at the heart of a university education to new interdisciplinary fields, major and minor programs in the College promote a vision of liberal learning that recognizes the unique gifts, interests, and goals of each student.

By engaging with rich intellectual traditions, promoting knowledge of global cultures
, and developing vital career skills, Liberal Arts courses and programs prepare their graduates for resilience and adaptability, lifelong learning, and leadership in a changing world.

Orchestra ConductorThe faculty of the College of Liberal Arts is committed to helping you make the most of your college education. Whether you are majoring in a Liberal Arts program, enriching your degree with a Liberal Arts minor, or just taking one of our classes, we are here to support you in your intellectual journey.

The Liberal Arts vision of education is about exploration, and we invite you to begin by exploring the programs of the College online and to continue visiting our site for regular news about the achievements of our outstanding faculty and students.

Gloria C. Johnson, Ph.D.