Master of Criminal Justice (M.C.J.)

Master of Criminal Justice at Tennessee State University


The department offers the Master of Criminal Justice degree. This degree is offered in collaboration with Middle Tennessee State University.  Each institution will offer the entire core curriculum of the Master of Criminal Justice degree.  Students in the MCJ program at Tennessee State University are allowed to take up to 18 hours at Middle Tennessee State University.  The MCJ will be awarded by Tennessee State University and students will be considered alumni of TSU.  

Since it began, students have earned the MCJ degree and scattered across the United States and the world.  Some have pursued even more study and earned doctorate degrees or law degrees.  Many are working in local, state or federal agencies and a few are college professors of CJ.


The students must complete 36 hours.  Which include five core classes : CRMJ 6000, CRMJ 6010, CRMJ 6020, CRMJ 6030 and CRMJ 6900.  In addition the students are required to chose between the Thesis (CRMJ 6640) and non Theisis option class (CRMJ 6630).  this leave an available 18 hours of electives, 12 which must be CRMJ and an additional 6 hours of electives that can be outside of the department.

The Thesis option requires the students successfully complete an original research paper.

The non Thesis option requires the student successfully completes a comprehensive exam.

Applicants for admission complete the joint MCJ form that admits the applicant, if successfully admitted, to both universities.  

A copy of the application for admission form and a review of TSU Graduate School policies and procedures can be accessed on the Graduate School home page.

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