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Welcome to Tennessee State University's School of Graduate Studies & Research. We invite you to explore graduate education and research opportunities at our institution. We currently offer seven doctoral degrees, 24 master's degrees, and seven graduate certificate programs.

Graduate education at Tennessee State University is designed to offer students experience of advance study and research in their fields of specialization. Together with the graduate faculty, we provide a learning environment that ensures our students acquire the skills they will need to succeed in their future career endeavors.

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International Applicants
Please make note of the following changes
(Effective Fall 2015)


            Changes to TOEFL & IELTS Scores


TOEFL Paper-based score

Internet-based score


Current Scores

 ≥ 500 or

61 or

5.0 Minimum

New Scores

 ≥ 525 or

71 or

6.0 Minimum

Application Deadlines for International Applicants


Applicants Currently Residing Outside the U.S.

Applicants Currently Residing in the U.S.


April 1

June 1


September 1

October 1


February 1

March 1