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Graduate School

Tennessee State University
Avon Williams Downtown Campus 
330 Tenth Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37203
Reception Desk (3rd Floor)
Suite B400 (4th floor)

Coming Fall: New Graduate Extension Office
Main Campus - Kean Hall

Tel: 615-963-7371
Fax: 615-963-7219

About the Graduate School


Graduate Administrative Staff

Robbie K. Melton, Ph.D.
Transformational - Transitional Graduate Dean
Phone: 615-963-7371

Alex Sekwat, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Phone: 615-963-7389

Deborah M. Chisom, Ed.S.
Executive Director of Online Professional Studies
Phone: 615-963-7390

(Opening) TBA
Director of Graduate Research, Analysis and Recruitment
Phone: 615-963-7388

Kendra Thompson
Administrative Assistant IV
Tel: 615-963-7371

Trina Jordan
Director of Technology Enhancement & Online Program
Phone: 615-963-7306

Graduate Analysts

Each graduate program is assigned an analyst who is responsible for assisting students from admission to a program through graduation. Graduate students are encouraged to call their Graduate Program Advisor concerning any academic aspect of their graduate program.  Graduate analysts serve as resource personnel to answer questions regarding admission requirements, a timetable for filing degree program forms, intent to graduate forms, general questions regarding thesis or dissertation, and a myriad of other functions.  Listed below are the graduate analysts and the programs they oversee.

Jerrica Brown
Graduate Analyst
Phone: 615-963-7262
- Human Performance and Sports Science
- Non-Degree
- Nursing
- Occupational Therapy
- Public Service Administration
- Social Work
- WebAdmit/CAS Support





Audie Black
Graduate Analyst
Phone: 615-963-7269
- Business
- Applied Geospatial Information Systems
- Agricultural Sciences
- Chemistry
- Engineering
- Psychology

Ramona Whitworth
Graduate Analyst
Phone: 615-963-7356
- Degree Works Implementation
- Educational Leadership
- Graduation
- Programs of Study
- Public Health
- Transfer of Credit
- Web Page, Media/Marketing


Sandy Woodruff
Graduate Analyst
Phone: 615-963-7358
- Education
     - Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning
     - Curriculum and Instruction
     - Elementary Education
     - Special Education
- Biology
- Criminal Justice
- Physical Therapy
- Speech and Hearing Science