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For a student needing to know what classes to take and/or who their advisor is:

It is recommended you thoroughly read our website, determine which track in the major best suits your interests.


Mass Communication  (4 tracks in:  Journalism, Film & Television Production, Integrated Marketing Communications and Media Leadership & Performance)

Theatre  (2 tracks in: Performance and Production)

Communication Studies (2 tracks in: Cultural Communication, Health Communication)

Once you know your track, you need to know who your advisor is.  

From there, click on the advisor tab and find the advisor in your track.  http://www.tnstate.edu/Communications/Advisors.aspx

There is also a faculty page where you can read their bios and obtain their contact information to set up a meeting.   http://www.tnstate.edu/Communications/facultyandstaff.aspx

Before you meet with your advisor, you then need to take your transcript and fill out the senior standing form as best you can.  Then your advisor can help plan your course of action.  The senior standing form is the completed form you need in order to graduate.  You need 120 hours to graduate and this form helps the student and advisor look at and check off each area and each class required in order to comply with the requirements to graduate.

You may find a senior standing form on our website http://www.tnstate.edu/Communications/forms.aspx

Select the form based on which track you are in and when you entered TSU.

You may also view the degree maps, which are designed to help answer the types of questions you have by showing you the recommended order of classes for each track.  You will see degree map tabs for each of our three concentrations on the left side of our home page.   http://www.tnstate.edu/communications/

You should meet with your advisor each semester to ensure you are on track to graduate.