Sample Senior Projects

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The Senior Project COMM 4500 or Senior Seminar COMM student will work in conjunction with the faculty member and/or advisor working on a capstone project or research paper.


COMM 4500 Senior Project (3).  Completion of individual research or project through application of the research methodology process.  Required of all Departmental majors.  Mass Communication majors must take either COMM 4500 or 4510.  COMM Studies and Theatre students take COMM 4500.  This may be a traditional research paper or creative project or production.

COMM 4510 Senior Seminar: Multimedia (News Capstone), Production capstone or Integrated Marketing Communication capstone in either Brand Management or IM Research (3) Advanced course combining previously taught skills in print, radio and television journalism into the emerging area of multi-media/on-line journalism (news) or its senior equivalent in production or IMC.  Students are expected to produce portfolio quality work.  Prerequisites: (News) Choose one of the following: COMM 3300, 3400 or 3800. Production or IMC prerequisites: See advisor.



Sample Student media capstone projects:

Video Project

Kelli Volk: The Evolution of Journalism (11:00)

"Nashville on the Go"

"A Walk in my Shoes"

Audio Project

Miya Jefferson

Paper Project

 Bianca Herron

Kristen Brown

Kelli Volk

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