Become a Voice That Can Change the World


Forensics is the competitive art of public speaking. Whether it is an interpretative event or a prepared speech, the activity of forensics helps students develop one of the most important skills of life - the ability to command the spoken word .

Forensics is where, as a student, they can test themselves now against the future mainstream, competing against the future leaders, actors, journalists, attorneys, politicians and speakers.

The activity helps students build a knowledge base, while promoting reading, research, assurance, and conviction. In the end, Forensics not only helps students develop their communication skills, but also their voice --

a voice that can change the world.


Students compete in the following Interpretation Events:

  • Dramatic;
  • Prose; Poetry;
  • Dramatic Duo;
  • Program of Oral Interpretation

Limited Preparation Events:

  • Impromptu;
  • Extemporaneous

Public Address Events:

  • Informative;
  • Persuasive;
  • After Dinner;
  • Communication Analysis


Forensics Team




Bringing the Championship Back Home!

On February 17-18, 2018 the Tennessee State University Forensics team competed at the Tennessee Intercollegiate Forensics Association state tournament.  It had been 6 years since the team won the state tournament, but they finally brought the Championship back home. The team walked away with 51 total awards, 2nd Place Debate Sweepstakes, 1st Place Individual Event Sweepstakes and  1st Place overall Sweepstakes. The team has had a record breaking year so far and plans to cap off their season as they host the first Pi Kappa Delta National Tournament to be held at an HBCU In almost two decades. Results from the State Tournament are below:

 image 1

image 2


image 3

Elijah McNutt

1st Place ADS

1st Place DUO w . Ashanti Holland

1st Place Radio Broadcasting

4th Place DI


Jazmyn Bolden

1st Place DI

1st Place Poetry

2nd Place Duo w. Zhariah Hubbard

3rd Place Duo w. Justyce Battles

3rd Place Pentathlon


Ashanti Holland

1st Place Duo w. Elijah McNutt

1st Place Prose

2nd Place Persuasion

2nd Place POI


Raven Dobbins

1st Place imp

3rd Place Speaker Parly Debate

Simi Final Parly Debate

6th Place DI


Trey Gibson

2nd Place IPDA Debate

5th Place DI

Top Novice DI

5th Place Persuasion

6th Place Prose


Naomi Henry

3rd Place Extemp

4th Place Speaker Parly Debate

Simi Final Parly Debate

6th Place CA


Justyce Battles

1st Place Speaker IPDA Debate

Simi Final IPDA

3rd Place Duo w. Jazmyn Bolden

4th Place Prose


Mel Williams

1st Place Pentathlon

2nd Place Prose

3rd Place DI

3rd Place Poetry

3rd Place POI

5th Speaker IPDA Debate

5th Place Radio Broadcasting


Shana Woodland

1st Place POI

2nd Place Place DI

2nd Place Poetry

5th Place Prose


Zhariah Hubbard

2nd Place Duo w Jazmyn Bolden

4th Place POI

5th Place Poetry


Derelle Roshel

5th Place Duo w. Jasmine Jester


Jasmine Jester

3rd Place Informative

5th Place Duo w. Derell Roshel


Tayneria Gooden

6th Place Persuasion


2nd Place Debate Sweeps

1st Place Individual Event Sweeps

1st Place Overall Sweeps