Become a Voice That Can Change the World


Forensics is the competitive art of public speaking. Whether it is an interpretative event or a prepared speech, the activity of forensics helps students develop one of the most important skills of life - the ability to command the spoken word .

Forensics is where, as a student, they can test themselves now against the future mainstream, competing against the future leaders, actors, journalists, attorneys, politicians and speakers.

The activity helps students build a knowledge base, while promoting reading, research, assurance, and conviction. In the end, Forensics not only helps students develop their communication skills, but also their voice --

a voice that can change the world.



Students compete in the following Interpretation Events:

  • Dramatic;
  • Prose; Poetry;
  • Dramatic Duo;
  • Program of Oral Interpretation

Limited Preparation Events:

  • Impromptu;
  • Extemporaneous

Public Address Events:

  • Informative;
  • Persuasive;
  • After Dinner;
  • Communication Analysis


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