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It is important for students to meet with an advisor each semester to be sure they are on schedule to graduate.

It is the student's responsibility to take ownership of this process, make an appointment and track your own progress toward graduation.

During each advising session, the student and faculty advisor will update progress on the senior standing form (see link under "Forms" on this website).

The senior standing form must be completed in conjunction with an advisor and have advisor, Chair and Dean approvals before graduation.

During the senior year a student must apply for graduation.



  Department of Communications Advisors:


   Dr. Peter Fields  963-7992

   Dr. Lawrence James   963-5809

   Dr. Patrick Idoye  963-5814

 Communication Studies

   Dr. Qi Tang    963-5707

   Dr. Kimberly Johnson   963-2522

    Mass Communication


   Film & Television Production:

   Integrated Marketing Communication:

   Media Leadership & Performance: Dr. Donald Page   963-5812


webpage contact: