Meet the Faculty and Staff

The Department of Communications Faculty and Staff


Dr. Terry Likes Department Chair

Dr. Donald Page Mass Communications Coordinator

Dr. Peter Fields Theatre Coordinator 

Dr. Qi Tang Communication Studies Coordinator

Mr. Tommy Booras Mass Communication

Mr. David Brandon Theatre

Ms. Shaunte Caraballo Director of Forensics/Theatre

Mr. Brian Day   Communication Studies

Dr. Morgan Ginther Communication Studies

Mr. Michael Hubbard Mass Communications

Dr. Patrick Idoye Theatre

Dr. Coreen Jackson Mass Communication

Dr. Lawrence James Theatre

Dr. Kimberly Johnson Communication Studies

Dr. Jacqueline Mitchell Communication Studies

Ms. Sheryl Morris Mass Communication

Mr. Marc Payne Theatre/Communication Studies

Ms. Melissa Richie Mass Communication

Ms. Karen Russell Mass Communication

Ms. Diana Scales Mass Communication

Mr. J.D. Smith Communication Studies/Forensics

Ms. Celeste Stein Communication Studies/Mass Communications

Mr. James Stephens Mass Communication

Dr. Tameka Winston Mass Communication



Dr. Emily Bergen Communication Studies/Theatre

Mr. Reed Bergen Communication Studies/Theatre

Ms. Margo Cope Mass Communication

Dr. Karen Dunlap Communication Studies

Ms. Aria Durso Theatre

Mr. Ben Jobe Communication Studies

Ms. Megan Johnson Communication Studies

Mr. Ken Landers Mass Communications

Dr. Beverly Love Communication Studies

Mr. Jason Luntz Mass Communications

Mr. Skylor Morgan Mass Communications

Mr. Brook Sutton Mass Communications

Ms. Shante' Telfer Communication Studies

Ms. Harriet Vaughan-Wallace Mass Communications

Mr. Getahn Ward Mass Communication



Mr. Mark Collino Theatre Technical Manager

Mr. Sean Laflin TV Operation Manager

Ms. Tiffany McGarr Administrative Assistant

Mr. Joe Richie Director, Center for
Media Arts and Production

Ms. Sanita Spurlock Administrative Assistant

Mr. David Wilson Department Engineer

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