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   Tom Jackson Industrial Arts Bldg 2018

*The Cardio-Respiratory Care Program is located in the Tom Jackson Industrial Technology Building 
  Suite 328, 3rd floor

Dr. Christine Hamilton,
Associate Professor, Department Chair & CRCS Program Director
Office: Suite 328, Room 331 - 3rd floor
Phone: 615.963.7420

Ms. Brenda Batts, Assistant Professor & Director of Clinical Education 
: Suite 328, Room 327
Phone: 615.963.1240

Dr. Stephen Carey, Assistant Professor
Office: Suite 328, Room 325
Phone: 615.963.7423

Dr. Devin Sherman, M.D. & Medical Director
Phone: 615.963.7431 (leave a message with office Assistant or email me )

Mrs. Kim Harris, Department's  Administrative Assistant
Suite 328
Phone: 615.963.7431

*RSPRespiratory Care Program

If you are interested in pursuing a career in Respiratory Care, please visit our website:
If you need further assistance, please contact us to schedule an appointment.  

    Tennessee State University
                                                              College of Health Sciences
  Department of Cardio-Respiratory Care and Health Information Management
                                              Tom Jackson Industrial Technology Building, 3rd floor
                                                           3500 John A. Merritt Blvd
                                                     Nashville, Tennessee 37209-1561
                                                                Phone: 615.963.7431
                                                                Fax:    615.963.7498


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