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Curriculum Vitae

Recent Research

Refereed Articles 

Zottarelli, L., Sunil, T.S., Shilpashri, K., & Flott, P. (2012).  College student adoption of non-pharmaceutical interventions during the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic: a study of two Texas universities in Fall 2009.  Preventive Medicine, 55 (5), 497-9.  

Hurst, C. S., Kungu, K., & Flott, P. (in press, 2012).  Stress, Organizational Citizenship Behaviors, and Coping: Comparisons Among Plateaued and Non-Plateaued Employees.  Business and Management Research, 1 (3).  

Flott, P. (2011).  The Unintended Consequences of Developmental Courses.  Journal of Learning in Higher Eduation.   

Refereed Proceedings

Hurst, C. S., Kungu, K., & Flott, P. (in press, 2012).  Don't Forget The Non - Plateaed! Some Insights on Stress, Organizational Citizenship Behaviors and Coping".  Academy of International Business - US Northeast Chapter (AIBNE).  

Flott, P. (in press, 2012).  Controlling Research Misconduct, Normal Misbehavior and Error.  Intellectbase International Consortium.

Presentation of Non-Refereed Papers 

Flott, P. (2008). Pet Travel Directories: Business Models and Strategies.   International Academy of Business and Public Adminstration Disciplines, Dallus, Texas.

Flott, P. (2008). Crisis in a Complex System: The 2007 Pet Food Recalls.   International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines, Dallus, Texas.

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