About the Program

BBA - Business Information Systems

The undergraduate BBA degree in Business Information Systems is offered with two concentrations. Details below.

The master's level MBA is also offered with an MIS concentration.


Major: Business Information Systems
Concentration: Industry

BIS-Industry Concentration prepares students to help organizations design, implement, and use information systems for securely managing the transactions and information about stakeholders such as customers, employees and partners. They study how people adapt to new information technologies, and advise organizations how to make the most of the information available to them. Students learn about the latest trends in Information Technology, and how to apply them to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of organizations. View courses...

Major: Business Information Systems
Concentration: e-Business Technology

The BBA-EB degree prepares students for a career in the rapidly growing field of e-Commerce and e-Business. The degree program provides a solid business foundation upon which rigorous information technology competencies are built. The graduate of the program will possess the requisite management and technology skills required for positions in the e-Business and e-Commerce arena. The main objective of the program is to develop students who understand the strategic and operational nature of e-Business, and are capable of developing dynamic, Web-based systems that provide a strategic and competitive advantage. View courses...

Courses - Undergraduate

BISI-Industry Concentration - Required

BISE 3350 Business Research and Report Writing 3
BISI 3160 Business Applications Development 3
BISI 3260 Object-Oriented Programming 3
BISI 3360 Applied Information Technology 3
BISI 4150 Database Systems 3
BISI 4230 Systems Analysis, Design, and Implementation 3


Track I: Networking Track
BISI 3500 Data Mining 3
BISI 4300 Business Telecommunications 3
BISI 4360 PC Networks & Computer Security 3
BISI Elective Upper Division BISI Course 3


Track II: General Track (12 Hours)
BISI/BISE Upper Division Courses 12


Track III: Organizational Information Systems Track (12 hours)
BISE 3400 Desktop Presentation Tools 3
BISE 4000 Information and Media Management 3
BISI 4240 End-User Computing Development 3
BISE 4300 Administrative Office Management 3


General Electives
BISI 2150/Non-Business Elective*  3
Non-Business Electives  9

* Students testing out of BISI 2150 must take any 3 hour non-business elective course.

In selecting non-business electives, the department highly recommends that BISI students consider, in consultation with their faculty advisor, programming language courses offered by the department of Computer Science. These courses will provide a strong background in programming, and also allow students to enroll in additional upper division computer science offerings. (Course prerequisites must be taken.)


 BIS-EBusiness Concentration (EB)

Guided Electives are recommended for the student to develop the requisite skills for the EB concentration.  

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