Spring 2012 History Senior Projects Presentations

To the Spring 2012 Senior Project Class: Congratulations on Completing One Journey and Best Wishes as You Commence Your Next One!

Michael T. Bertrand, Senior Project AdvisorSpring 2012 History Senior Projects Presentations--Friday, May 4, 2012

  • Thomas Jefferson Alverson--“Science Fiction and Television in the 1960’s: A Historical Inquiry into Science Fiction Television Programming”                    
  • Daryl F. Bobo-- “Aloha `Oe: The End of the Hawaiian Monarchy: Examining Sugar’s Effects on the Reign of Hawaii’s Final Queen”
  • Noah Cain-- “Woodrow Wilson and the League Fight: Woodrow Wilson’s Unsuccessful Attempt to Get the United States to Join the League of Nations”                                                                       
  • Qualekqua Cooper-- “The New Slavery: The Relationship between the Black Female Domestic Worker and the White Female Employer”
  • Louis Davis, Jr. -- “The Assassination of Malcolm X”                                                           
  • Haile James Dawud-- “Struggling for Equity in the Classroom: The Brown v. Board of Education Decision and Its Impact on Minority Education”
  • Adam Jordan-- “An Intellectual Genealogy of Kwame Nkrumah”
  • Ashley Layhew-- “The Devil’s in the Details: A Comprehensive Look at the Salem Witch
  • Mania of 1692”
  • Trevor R. Porter-- “The Right Reverend Richard Allen: Faith in Methodism”
  • Vernon E. Shaw, Jr. -- “The Motives and Achievements of Social Reform through Margaret Sanger’s Eyes: A Historical Examination of the Birth Control Movement”
  • Jason Alan Smith-- “The Case for Racism: Jim Crow, Biological Determinism, and the Pseudo-Science of Post-Civil War Racial Theory”

Spring 2012 History Senior Project Presentations occurred on Friday, May 4, 2012.

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