Family Nurse Practitioner

Requirements & Program of Study

student on campusA Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) works with individuals throughout the lifespan. They deliver holistic care to individuals of all ages. They conduct client examinations, diagnose and treat illnesses, and prescribe medications. Graduates will enhance and advance their practice in settings of greatest need.  

The FNP program can be completed full time or part-time. Full time hours are 9—12 credits per semester (Fall & Spring). Part-time hours are less than 9 credits per semester (Fall & Spring). The maximum load for either Summer Session I or Session II is 6 credits. 

Sample Program of Study:

Courses are offered sequentially once a year. A nurse working full-time and attending graduate school part-time may complete the program in 6 semesters: four 15 week semesters and two summer sessions. Courses are offered in the evening hours for the convenience of working part-time students. Other part-time options are available. There are 3 programs of study - Family Nurse Practitioner, Holistic Nurse Practitioner and Nursing Education.


NURS 5000 Nursing Theory 3
NURS 5020 Research 3
NURS 5040 Role Development 3
NURS 5070 Health Policy 3
NURS 5210 Pathophysiology 3


NURS 5100 Advanced Assessment 4
NURS 5280 Pharmacotherapeutics 3
NURS 5120 Family Health Nursing I 4
NURS 5140 Family Health Nursing II 5

 ELECTIVES (3 Hours):

NURS 5240 Selected Topics
NURS 5260 Selected Topics 3
or other approved courses  


NURS 5200 Thesis Writing 3/3
NURS 5220 Project Writing 3/3

Total program semester hours = 43 credit hours

Upon program completion the student will have 600 clinical hours. 

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