Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

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Mechanical engineers use principles such as heat, force, and the conservation of mass and energy to analyze static and dynamic physical systems, in contributing to the design of things, such as:

  • automobiles, aircraft, and other vehicles,
  • thermal-fluid systems,
  • hybrid energy systems,
  • household appliances,
  • industrial equipment and machinery,
  • weapon systems,
  • robotics,
  • control systems,
  • computational fluid dynamics, etc.

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Students with Chair

 Students Meeting with Chair Regarding Curriculum Improvement

 Solar Team Pi Calibration
PV-TE Solar Capstone Design Team Calibrating Raspberry Pi 3

ME | Innovation Progressing Today's World

Smart Micro-grid Energy System

Smart Micro-grid Energy System

Hurricane Storm Surge Model Comparison

Hurricane Storm Surge Model (CFD) Development


Large Eddy Simulation of Sandia Flame D

Morphing wing1

Morphing Wings to Control  and Optimize Aircraft Missions

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