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Muhammad Akbar, PhD

Associate Professor 


              Muhammad K. Akbar

 Office:  ET 138C

Phone: (615) 963-5392

Fax:      (615) 963-5496

Email:  makbar@tnstate.edu 


Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, 2004


M.Sc. Engineering Science and Mechanics

University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 2001


B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, 1995


Research Interest: 

Hurricane storm surge modeling, Computation fluid dynamics (CFD) model development, Fluid-structure interaction, Hybrid finite volume and finite element model, Nonlinear structural dynamics model, Detached eddy simulation turbulence model, Multiphase flow, Porous medium, Microchannel flow, Solar energy, etc.

Research Website: http://www.tnstate.edu/hpcgc/ 

Teaching  Activities:

Courses in thermal-fluid sciences such as thermodynamics, heat transfer, thermal-fluid systems design, computational fluid dynamics, transport phenomena; numerical analysis; advanced mathematics; etc.


Abiodun Fasoro, PhD, MBA

Assistant Professor 




 Office:  ET 108B

Phone: (615) 963-5429

Fax:      (615) 963-5496

Email:  afasoro@tnstate.edu 


Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering

University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas, 2008



Capital University, Columbus. Ohio, 2014


M.Phil. Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

Univ. of Birmingham, England, 1999


B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria, 1992


Research Interest: 

Digital fabrication, 3D Printing and additive manufacturing; Material characterization, reliability, and analysis of coupled thermo-mechanical systems; Creep and other high temperature testing and modeling of specialty alloys; Failure, fracture, and reliability of ferrous, non-ferrous, and composite materials under static and dynamic loadings; Engineering education.

Teaching  Activities:

Courses in manufacturing and material sciences such as Principles of Manufacturing; Additive Manufacturing; Material Sciences; Engineering Analysis; Mechanics of Materials; Hydraulics & Pneumatics; etc.


Fatemeh Hadi, Ph. D.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Hadi

Office:   ET 125                                                                      

Phone:  (615) 963-5788

Fax:      (615) 963-5496

Email:  fhadi@tnstate.edu 


Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering

Northeastern University, Boston, MA, 2016


M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering

Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, 2009


B.Sc. Aerospace Engineering

Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, 2007


Research Interest: 

Turbulent Reacting Flow, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Large Eddy Simulation (LES), High-Performance Computing.                               

Teaching  Activities

Courses in thermal-fluid sciences such as thermodynamics, heat transfer, conduction and radiation, etc. 


Hamid R. Hamidzadeh, Ph.D.


Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Distinguished Member and Fellow of Society for Design and Process Science


Office:  ET 138F

Phone: (615) 963-5387

Fax:      (615) 963-5496

Email:  hhamidzadeh@tnstate.edu


Ph.D. Applied Mechanics 

Imperial College - University of London, 1978


M.Sc. and DIC Applied Mechanics

Imperial College - University of London, 1975


B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

Sharif University formerly Arya-Meher University, 1974


Research Interest: 

Vibration and stability analyses of composite rotating viscoelastic disks, dynamics of inflated thin-film structures, dynamics of thick cylindrical structures, vibration suppression using constrained-layers and particle damping treatments, active control of vibrating systems, dynamic modeling and system identification, active control and adaptive structures, predictive maintenance using signature analysis, nonlinear dynamics, soil dynamics and soil-structure interaction, computational stress analysis, elastic wave propagation, nonlinear vibrations, and biomechanics

Teaching  Activities: 

Engineering mechanics, machine design, vibrations, modeling simulation, controls, elasticity, dynamical systems, and computer aided engineering


S. Keith Hargrove, CMfgE, PE, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Engineering

Director, TIGER (TSU Interdisciplinary Graduate Engineering Research) Institute

Post Doctoral/Assistant Research Professor

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.


Office:  ET 203

Phone: (615) 963-5401

Fax:      (615) 963-5397

Email:  skhargrove@tnstate.edu  


Ph.D. Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering 

University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA


Master of Science, Engineering

Missouri University of Science & Technology, Rolla, MO.


B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN


Research Interest: 

Advanced Manufacturing Systems, Energy Storage Devices, Augmented & Virtual Reality Systems, Cyber-Manufacturing, Engineering & Minority Education.

Teaching  Activities: 

Manufacturing Systems, Energy Systems, Probability & Statistics, Logistics, Engineering Design


W. Yeol Joe, Ph. D.

Associate Professor

 Dr. Joe

Office:   ET 138-D

Phone: (615) 963-5390

Fax:      (615) 963-5496

Email:  wjoe@tnstate.edu


Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering

Columbia University, NYC, NY, 2010


M. Phil. Mechanical Engineering

Columbia University, NYC, NY, 2008


M.S. Mechanical Engineering

New York University of Polytechnic Institute, Brooklyn, NY, 2006



Research Interest: 

Dynamics, Mechanism Design, Robotics, and Control in the applications of aerial robotics, morphing aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, micro aerial vehicles, unmanned autonomous systems, and mechatronics.

Teaching  Activities:

a. Undergraduate: Dynamics, Mechatronics, Controls, Modeling and Simulation
b. Graduate: Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Simulation, Special Topics


Gaile T. Mann

Office Manager


Office:   ET 138-A

Phone: (615) 963-5391

Fax:      (615) 963-5496

Email:   gmann@tnstate.edu 



M.S. Communications

University of New Orleans, 1982


B.S. English

Knoxville College, 1979



Landon Onyebueke, Ph.D.

Department Interim Chair


Director of Center of Excellence for Seat Comfort

            Dr. Landon Onyebueke

Office:   ET 136

Phone: (615) 963-5425

Fax:      (615) 963-5496

Email:   lonyebueke@tnstate.edu


Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering

Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine, 1989


M.S. Mechanical Engineering

Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine, 1986


B.S. Mechanical Engineering

University of Ibadan, 1982 



Research Interest: 

Teaching  Activities:


Amir Shirkhodiae, Ph.D., P.E.

Professor and director of Center of Excellence for Battlefield Sensor Fusion



Office:   ET 138-E

Phone: (615) 963-5396

Fax:      (615) 963-5496

Email:  ashirkhodiae@tnstate.edu


Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering

University of Cincinnati, 1989 


M.S. Mechanical Engineering

Oklahoma State University, 1985


B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Oklahoma State University, 1982 



Research Interest: 

• Multi-Source Multi-Modality Sensor Data Fusion
• Machinery Diagnostics and Prognostics
• Manufacturing Visual Inspection and Quality Control
• Industrial Robotics and Mechatronics
• All-Terrain Robotic System Design and Prototyping
• Autonomous Cooperative Tactical Robotics
• Intelligent Flexible Manufacturing Systems
• Multi-Modality Signal and Image Processing
• Physics-based Multi-Modality Sensor Modeling and Simulation
• Deep Machine Learning and Soft Computing Techniques
• Full Motion Video Processing and Annotation
• Large-Scale Virtual Environment Modeling and Simulation
• Multi-Agent Multi-Sensor Virtual Environment Modeling and Simulation
• Information Visual Analytics and Decision Support Systems
• Man-Machine Interfacing and Entertainment Robotics
• Computational Intelligence and Perceptual Cognitive Systems
• Engineering Software Design and Development

Teaching  Activities:

Courses in manufacturing, robotics, computer aided design, machine design, etc.


Mohammad Habibi, Ph.D.

Full-Time Instructor

 Dr. Habibi            

Office:  AIT 111

Phone: (615)-963-5248

Fax:    (615)-963-5496

Email: mhabibi@tnstate.edu


Ph.D. Computer and Information Systems Engineering 

Tennessee State University, 2014


M.S. Computer and Information Systems Engineering 

Tennessee State University, 2003


B. S.  Electrical Engineering

Aligarh Muslim University, India, 1989


Research Interest: 

• Automation and intelligent manufacturing- Mechatronics and integrated manufacturing processes.
• Multifunctional materials- Manufacturing processes to reduce the effect of thermal degradation and other factors.
• Cyber Physical Systems- Implementation of CPS in infrastructure projects and large installations.

Teaching  Activities:

Courses in manufacturing, material science, etc.


Jayaraman Muthuswamy

Full-Time Instructor


Office:   ET 140

Phone: (615) 963-5645

Fax:      (615) 963-5496

Email: jmuthuswamy@mytsu.tnstate.edu


M. S.  Engineering Administration & Industrial Engineering

University of Tennessee, 1977


M. S. Mechanical Engineering

University of Tennessee, 1974


B. S.  Mechanical Engineering

University of Madras, 1965


Research Interest: 

Teaching  Activities:


Yvonne Y. Clark, M.S., P.E.

Emeriti Professor


Office:   ET 138-F

Phone: (615) 963-5391

Fax:      (615) 963-5496

Email:  yclark@tnstate.edu


M.S. Engineering Management

Vanderbilt University, 1972


B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Howard University, 1951