Academic Boot Camp

Four-week Residential Program

Boot CampThe Tennessee State University Academic Boot Camp (2.50 and 2.9) and Excel-O-rate (3.00 and higher) is a rigorous four-week residential program in which students, already admitted to TSU, may earn academic credit.  Students receive:

  • quality instruction,
  • individualized tutoring,
  • and computer technology training.

Upon completion of the program, students will have completed three (3) credit hours to apply toward their major field of study upon enrolling at TSU in the fall. Student participants will have an opportunity to experience a number of recreational activities including horseback riding, swimming, wall climbing, etc..

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Academic Boot Camp and Excel-O-rate Counselors will assist with academic, personal, and social engagements of first-year students to ensure a smooth transition into College life. They will use their knowledge to assist new students. The Academic Boot Camp and The Academic Boot Camp and Excel-O-rate Programs Counselors will serve as leaders.



The Academic Boot Camp and Excel-O-rate Programs of Tennessee State University strives to enhance the self-image of our students by providing the academic and interpersonal skills that will both lead our students to persist to graduation and guide their future success.

Our vision is to deliver the best of both words-"academic" and "interpersonal"-by designing systems of support that lead to continuous progress towards degree completion and beyond: "Think. Work. Serve."

Boot Camp


We, the students of Tennessee State University's Academic Boot Camp and Excel-O-rate Programs, strive each day to make the best better. Academic preparation is our goal, honesty is our way. Respect is our promise, and determination is our journey. We will not give up or give in when faced with challenges. We are proud to think, work, and serve our school and our community.




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