Our Mission

Promoting Character in Men at TSU

The Man Center’s mission is to promote:

  • a positive self-image,
  • wise decision-making skills,
  • and upstanding values and social health

for all men so as to enhance their overall academic journey.


The TSU Man Center exists to focus on increasing enrollment, retention, and graduation rates of African American men and all male students at Tennessee State University (TSU) through:

  • mentoring,
  • leadership development,
  • and the celebration of academic and leadership success.

Our goal is to build and transform mentees into community leaders, role models and successful men.





  • Health screenings
  • AIDS Awareness
  • Being Proactive
  • Being a Father
  • Domestic Violence
  • Career and Professional Development
  • Leadership conference
  • Achieving Work/Life Balance


  • Provide a leadership experience for students and tangible support for TSU functions.
  • Positively affect the growth, retention, progression, and graduation of Black males through academic support, leadership development and community service.
  • Offer special opportunities that allow participants to develop leadership and service potentials through mentorship, workshops, and programming.
  • Build strong mentoring, professional, teamwork, and academic skills.
  • Develop a community of service and social support for African American Males.
  • Exposure to new learning experiences and civic opportunities.














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