Building Character & Integrity

For TSU Male Students


College life can be very challenging for all students. Academic expectations, social pressures, and being away from home, often for the first time, can be difficult to navigate. We provide academic and interpersonal training that will lead to future success in these areas with guidance beyond academics.

Our program will provide support services to meet the needs of all males with an emphasis on the African American males.  We will aid in the building of overall character and integrity of men that will remain with them for a life-time. The TSU Man Center will aim to be the conduit to:

  • highly personalized academic preparation,
  • on-time graduation,
  • and a successful life of service

for African American male students and males students of all races.


The purpose of this program is to identify current leaders and potential leaders among the African American male population at TSU who are able to serve as effective peer leaders and key representatives at any event that serve the interests of African American males both on and off campus. Leaders selected to participate in this program must demonstrate proficiencies in academic performance, leadership development, and community service.

Members of the Man Center will be invited to participate in:

  • conferences,
  • networking events,
  • leadership expeditions,
  • publicize various programs,
  • and provide community service through mentoring and other community engaged opportunities.

Each mentor will have the opportunity to be matched with a mentee to assist with academic, career, and personal development.

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