By Preparing Scholars For Manhood

The Tennessee State University Men's Center provides services to meet the needs of all male students at TSU. College life can be very challenging for many students. Academic expectations, social pressures, and being away from home, often for the first time, can be difficult to navigate. Through targeted initiatives with focused outcomes, the Men's Center aides the building of overall character and integrity that will remain with students for a life-time. 
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Tied To Success
This initiative commences each fall with the presentation of TSU blue ties to first year male students and serves as a rite of passage into the Tiger Family. Not only do we welcome students into the Big Blue Brotherhood but we help to prepare them for success throughout their time at TSU through networking events, seminars, and other special events.
First Year RoundUP (Project F.Y.R.)
With the primary goal of increasing 1st to 2nd year retention, this partnership with Residence Life aims to engage first year male students through open dialogue chats and experiential learning activities on topics that pertain to their matriculation and success during college. While students may come from varied backgrounds, and possess qualities that make them unique, these qualities also unify them. Project F.Y.R. seeks to empower students to be authentic in their individual expression while cultivating a rich sense of Brotherhood and creating an inclusive University community.
The D.R.E.A.M. Project
A peer-to-peer support program with an interactive format designed spark intellectual curiosity and create sustained dialogue on issues pertaining to the male experience as it relates to identity, visioning, and goal setting in hopes that the exchange of words, ideas, and stories will foster activity conducive to their developmental and social wellbeing now and throughout life.
Social Engagment
Creating opportunities for students to be involved in recreational and other prosocial activities helps promote healthy relationships, confidence, critical thinking as well as improved health outcomes, amongst other benefits. Through events such as our 3 on 3 Basketball Jam and collaborations with units such as the Women’s Center we’re able to positively affect students emotional, mental, and physical well-being.
  • Greater capacity for learning
  • Stronger academic performance
  • Improved sense of self-efficacy
  • Healthy social skills
  • Sound decision making skills 
  • Cultural and Individual awareness