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Department of Human Performance
and Sport Sciences

Tennessee State University
Box 9549
3500 John A Merritt Blvd.
Nashville, TN  37209-1561

Voice: (615) 963-5581
Fax: (615) 963-5594

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Asha Gibson, MS.

Instructor, Sport and Fitness

Office: Gentry 309

Telephone: (615) 963-5897


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James Bass, M.Ed., CSCS, NCSA CPT

Assistant Professor, Sport Science and Fitness

Office: Gentry 231

Telephone: (615) 963-5609

Email:  jbass@tnstate.edu

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Agnes Boyd, MAEd.

Instructor, Sport and Fitness

Office: Gentry 317

Telephone: (615) 963-5605

Email:  aboyd@tnstate.edu

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Judy Gentry, MS.

Instructor, Dance

Office: Gentry 214

Telephone: (615) 963-7524

Email: jgentry@tnstate.edu

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Dr. Essam Hamido, Ed.D., ISSA

Associate Professor, Sport Science and Adaptive Sports

Office: Gentry 327

Telephone: (615) 963-5602

Email: ehamido@tnstate.edu

 Dr. Harriet Hamilton Face

Dr. Harriet Hamilton, Ed.D.

Associate Professor, Sport Administration

Office: Gentry 331

Telephone:  (615) 963-5607

Email: hhamilt1@tnstate.edu

 Dr. Bill Johnson Face

Dr. Bill Johnson, Ph.D.

Interim Assistant Dean COHS, & Associate Professor; Sport Administration

Office: Clement Hall 162

Telephone:  (615) 963-

Email: wjohnso7@tnstate.edu

 Dr. Tim Jones Face

Dr. Tim Jones, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor, Sport Science

Office: Gentry 330

Telephone: (615) 963-5610

Email: tjones@tnstate.edu

 Julia Rix FAce

Julia Rix

Instructor, Yoga

Office: Gentry 324

Phone:  (615) 963-5581

Email: juliarix@gmail.com

Gerald Robinson Face

Gerald Robinson

Instructor, Sport and Fitness

Office: Gentry 308

Telephone:  (615) 963-5897

Email: grobinson@tnstate.edu

Jason Smith Face

Dr. Jason Smith, Ed.D.

Interim Department Head & Assistant Professor, Pedagogy

Office: Gentry 322

Telephone:  (615) 963-2172

Email: jsmith66@tnstate.edu

Dr. Blair Thornton Face

Dr. Blair Thornton, Ph.D., CHES

Associate Professor, Health

Office: Gentry 328

Telephone:  (615) 963-5604

Email: bthornt2@tnstate.edu

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Jennifer Mayes, MS.

Instructor, Health Wellness

Office: Gentry 329

Telephone:  (615) 963-5599


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Dr. Bradley Jordan Ph.D., ACSM

Instructor, Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology

Office: Gentry 325

Telephone:  (615) 963-5896


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Karon Fairs

Department Secretary

Office: Gentry 323

Telephone:  (615) 963-5581

Fax: (615) 963-5594

Email: kfairs@tnstate.edu



Naffene Brisco Face

Naffene Briscoe

Department Graduate Assistant



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From 28th avenue turn on to Walter S. Davis Blvd. - the Howard C. Gentry Center will be on your left. The department office is located on the third floor of the Gentry Center.




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