Faculty and Staff

  1. HPSS faculty 2017


Department of Human Performance
and Sport Sciences

Tennessee State University
Gentry Center Athletic Complex
3500 John A. Merritt Blvd
Box 9549
Nashville, TN  37209-1561

Voice: (615) 963-5581
Fax:    (615) 963-5594





James Heimdal, Ph.D.,  Department Chair

Associate Professor
Exercise Physiology and Cardiovascular Health

Office: Gentry Center, 332
Telephone: (615) 963-2172
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 Amber 2017  

Amber Conerly, Administrative Assistant III

Department Administrative Assistant 
Office: Gentry Center, 323
Telephone:  (615) 963-5581
Fax: (615) 963-5594
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Boyd 2017

Agnes Boyd, M.A.

Physical Education

Office: Gentry Center, 317
Telephone: (615) 963-5605
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Cochrum 2017

Robbie Cochrum, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Sport Science
Office: Gentry Center, 325 
Telephone: (615)-963-5986
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Dickson 2017

Poliala Dickson, Ph.D., CHES

Assistant Professor
Health Education and Health Promotion
Office: Gentry Center, 328
Telephone: (615) 963-5604
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 Gibson 2017

Asha Gibson, M.S.

Athletic Coach/Instructor
Sport and Fitness

Office: Gentry Center, 309
Telephone: (615) 963-5897
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 Essam Hamido Face

Essameldin Hamido, Ed.D., ISSA

Associate Professor
Science & Adaptive Sports
Office: Gentry Center, 327
Telephone: (615) 963-5602
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 Hamilton 2017

Harriet Hamilton, Ed.D.

Associate Professor
Sport Administration

Office: Gentry Center, 331
Telephone:  (615) 963-5607
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Johnson 2017

William Johnson, Ph.D.,  Interim Assistant Dean

Sport Management
Office: Clement Hall, 162
Telephone:  (615) 963-5927
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 HPSS Jones 2017

Tim Jones, Ed.D.

Associate Professor
Exercise Physiology and Sport Science

Office: Gentry Center, 330
Telephone: (615) 963-5610
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Mayes 2017


Jennifer Mayes, M.S.

Health and Wellness

Office: Gentry Center,  329
Telephone:  (615) 963-5599
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Smith 2017

Jason Smith, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor

Office: Gentry Center,  322
Telephone:  (615) 963-2114
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Moreno 2017 


Vanessa Moreno, M.S., CSCS*D, USAW 

Exercise Science & Kinesiology

Office: Gentry Center, 308
Telephone:  (615) 963-5897
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Ashley Mushamba, Ed.D.
Demita Greider, Ed.D., Yoga Instructor
Jamaal Hutchinson, Ed.D., Yoga Instructor
Office: Gentry Center, 214
Telephone: (615) 963-7524





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From 28th Avenue turn onto Walter S. Davis Blvd. - the Howard C. Gentry Athletic Complex will be on your left. The Department office is located on the third floor of the Gentry Center Athletic Complex.




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