Tiger Fit

HPSS Majors Club

Tiger-fit | A student-run organization centered on the goals of supporting HPSS Majors in their pursuit of careers in the health and fitness field, by providing meaning for information and practical experience to the public.

 HPSS Tiger Fit

Our Mission

The students and faculty in the Human Performance and Sport Sciences Department (HPSS) purpose is to:

1. Build a strong relationship, life-long learning, and foster scholarly inquiry.

2. Provide an environment that encourages a fitness lifestyle to all students.

3. Build professional developmental skills.

4. Serve Tennessee State University, specifically in the Health and Fitness field.



HPSS Majors desiring to serve as members of TIGER FIT are expected to meet the following requirements:

1. Undergraduate students are required to be registered for and maintain a minimum of 12 semester hours.

2. No student who is under academic or social suspension from the institution shall be eligible to become or maintain the status of a member or officer of an organization.

HPSS Tiger FIt faculty

HPSS Tiger Fit students 2       

Tiger Fit Club Advisors

 Smith headshot
Jason Smith, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor
Office: Gentry Center,  322
Telephone:  (615) 963-2114
Email mejsmith66@tnstate.edu 

 Dickson Headshot
Poliala Dickson, Ph.D., CHES
Assistant Professor
Health Education and Health Promotion
Office: Gentry Center, 328
Telephone: (615) 963-5604
Email me:  pdickson@tnstate.edu

 Mayes headshot
Jennifer Mayes, M.S.
Health and Wellness
Office: Gentry Center,  329
Telephone:  (615) 963-5599
Email me: jmayes4@tnstate.edu