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Residency Classification Packet
This packet is not intended for Graduate Assistant residency changes.  Departments hiring Graduate Assistants should complete a Change of Residency Form. (Eligibility Verification for Entitlement Act (EVEA))


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Appeal/Petition Form (an UNOFFICIAL transcript must be attached). Forms must be received two weeks prior to the last Tuesday of these months in the Fall Term, SEP-OCT-NOV and Spring Term, JAN-FEB-MAR-APR for the Graduate Council to render a decision about the request.


Change of Program or Personnel


Comprehensive Examination Application (for Master's or Specialist Degree Programs)


Graduate Assistant Application Form


Graduate Assistant Evaluation Form


IRB Form/Human Subjects Research Proposal Form


Program of Study and Advancement to Candidacy (for Master's or Specialist Degree Programs).  Doctoral Program of Study forms are provided by departments.


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