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Modifications to Graduate Catalog

* Modifications to Graduate Catalog 2015-2017

  1. Department of Public Administration  
  2. Department of Physical Therapy
  3. MSN Retention and Progression Requirements: A student who receives a second grade of C in a repeated course or any other nursing course, or any single grade of D or F within a nursing course will be disqualified from the MSN program.

* Modifications to Graduate Catalog 2011-2013

  1. Department of Educational Administration: Course Listings/Descriptions 
  2. Department of Physical Therapy: Various Updates DPT Program

* Modifications to Graduate Catalog 2011-2013

  1. Page 148, Department of Psychology: School Psychology Concentration (Ph.D. )

* Modifications to Graduate Catalog 2007-2009 

  1. Page 10-12, The 2007-2009 Calendar: Fall 2008 - Summer 2009 Calendar
  2. Page 16, General Information: TSU 2008 - 2009 Fees
  3. Page 57, The Institute of Government: Admission Requirements
  4. Page 127, Department of Physical Therapy: Admission Requirements
  5. Page 128, Department of Physical Therapy: Retention
  6. Page 128, Department of Physical Therapy: Program of Study and Course Description

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