Presentations and Webinars


Biodiesel Production - Part I - Producing oil from oilseeds
Biodiesel Production - Part II - The degumming process

Biodiesel Production - Part III - Determining the amount of chemicals to use
Biodiesel Production - Part IV - Making biodiesel
Biodiesel Production - Part V - Separating and cleaning the biodiesel

Harvesting Switchgrass

Twitter Tips from the Trenches

Soil Smarts Series: Episode 1 - Introduction to soils
Soil Smarts Series: Episode 2 - Soil texture and drainage
Soil Smarts Series: Episode 3 - Soil pH
Soil Smarts Series: Episode 4 - Liming the soil
Soil Smarts Series: Episode 5 - Nitrogen basics


Winter Canola Production (Tennessee Farmers Co-op Crop Production Meeting)

Soil Improvement and Soil Health (Landscape Management Short Course)

Twitter Tips from the Trenches (Extension in-service training)

Winter Canola Production (Extension in-service training)







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