Research Publications

Recent publications (2010 - Present)

de Koff, J.P., and A. Allison.  2015.  Changes in nutrient characteristics of switchgrass for bioenergy.  Agronomy Journal 107:2401-2409.

de Koff, J.P., P.A. Moore, Jr., R.D. Williams, R. Young, and P.J.A. Kleinman.  2013.  Utilizing water treatment residuals to reduce phosphorus runoff from biosolids.  J. Environ. Sci. and Eng. A 2:405-417.

de Koff, J.P., P.A. Moore, Jr., S.J. Formica, M. Van Eps, and P.B. DeLaune.  2011.  Effects of pasture renovation on hydrology, nutrient runoff, and forage yield.  J. Environ. Qual.  40:320-328.

de Koff, J.P., B.D. Lee, R.S. Dungan, and J.B. Santini.  2010.  Effect of compost-, sand-, or gypsum-amended waste foundry green sands on turfgrass yields and nutrient content.  J. Environ. Qual.  39:375-383.