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Recognizing and Preventing Discrimination & Harassment Training
As part of the President’s commitment to ensuring that faculty, staff and students feel free to “Think. Work. Serve.” in a diverse, engaging and welcoming environment, university employees must be able to recognize, address and prevent discriminatory and harassing behavior. The Office of Equity and Inclusion provides training on a quarterly basis that is open to all faculty and staff in order to fully equip you with the tools you need to be successful. 

As of February 2014, this annual, mandatory employee training has been available to take online! The following steps will assist you in accessing the training module:

  1. Log into eLearn using your tnstate network credentials.
  2. Click on the Student tab found under the My Courses area.
  3. A link to the course can be found under the Seminar/Non-Credit heading.
  4. Click on the course link and begin the course!

For any employee who does not want to participate in this training online, we will also continue to offer in-person workshops. Workshop dates will be announced as they are scheduled. 

Descriptions of Available Training Workshops- Print Friendly List

Recognizing and Preventing Harassment and Discrimination: The Basics
This training session is designed to educate participants about the various protected classes, federal and state anti-discrimination/anti-harassment laws and the University’s EEO policies and procedures. The session will involve interactive case studies to reinforce concepts and assess participants’ ability to recognize impermissible workplace discrimination. This workshop will also incorporate specific TBR Guideline P-080 requirements.
Who should attend: All employees

Retaliation: What It Is and How to Avoid It
This workshop will focus on how participants can reduce the likelihood of having a retaliation complaint filed against them. Because retaliation complaints remain in the top three bases of complaints filed with the EEOC, it is important to equip employees with the skills to avoid the perception of retaliation in the workplace. This workshop will combine brief lecturettes and interactive case studies to demonstrate the dynamics of retaliation claims.
Who should attend: All employees

Introduction to Diversity
This workshop is an introduction to diversity issues and is designed to raise participants' awareness of the many dimensions of diversity. Participants will examine how personal culture shapes people's values, assumptions and behaviors. Participants will also learn how their interactions with one another can be hindered by a lack of understanding and interpersonal skills. This workshop will be a prerequisite to the Building Cultural Competence session.
Who should attend: All employees

Building Cultural Competence
This workshop is an intermediate level workshop designed to give participants the skills necessary to work together in diverse environments. The objectives of this workshop include increasing awareness of one's own biases, building specific professional skills in diversity, and expanding one's knowledge and competence to work effectively in a multicultural environment. Interactive group activities will be instrumental in facilitating team building.
Who should attend: All employees who have completed Introduction to Diversity

Workplace Bullying: A Manager's Guide to Recognizing and Eliminating Workplace Bullying
This workshop is co-facilitated with the Office of Human Resources and is intended to equip supervisors and managers with the tools necessary to recognize the subtle forms of workplace bullying before the situation escalates into a formal grievance, lowered productivity or increased turnover. Participants in this workshop will learn effective communication, coaching skills, and maintaining a respectful and professional relationship with the parties involved.
Who should attend: Supervisors and Managers

Diversity and EEO: Bridging the Gap
This workshop is intended for supervisors and managers and designed to assist them with the implementation of equitable and effective recruitment and hiring techniques. The workshop will apply the values of diversity and cultural competency to the policies and procedures involved in the hiring process to increase the college's ability to hire the best qualified individuals for the job. Introduction to Diversity is a prerequisite to this workshop.
Who should attend: Supervisors and Managers

Microaggressions: Adding Insult to Injury
This workshop is intended for anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of how the "isms" show up in everyday interactions with people of color, women and other minority groups. The workshop will explore issues such as aversive racism and implicit bias and give participants a plan of action to recognize and combat microaggressions when they arise.
Who should attend: All employees