Zaina Alqahtani


student on campus

The spread of cancer, which is a group of diseases characterized by abnormal cell growth, sometimes lead to metastasis, is an important issue that needs addressing.  The most common types of cancers in our society include breast, cervical and ovarian mostly seen in women and prostrate and lung in men. These cancer types could victimize anyone. Hence, there is a need to invent drugs that can fight cancer effectively. There are natural as well as synthetic compounds that are shown, by different studies, to potentially fight cancer. Accordingly, structure-activity relationship study has been performed with various natural and synthetic compounds in order to assess their potency for curing cancer. The focus of this research was to determine the potency of few compounds that have been synthesized in our laboratory and determine possible mechanism of action in fighting cancer cells.   In this study, the anticancer effects of such Schiff bases have been analyzed. The results show significant activity of inhibition of cancer growth..