Degree Programs


The following undergraduate and graduate degrees are offered in the Department of Chemistry:

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Chemistry

with the following concentrations:


All undergraduates are required to take the  General Education Core Courses.


Master of Science (M.S.) in Chemistry

with the following concentrations:

Graduate Certificate Program in Biochemistry: (18 Hours)

This is a 2-semester Certificate Program which requires 18 semester hours of courses, starting Fall 2019

In addition to the MS degree programs, the Chemistry department is has implemented a "mini-graduate" 1-year programs leading to the Certificate in Biochemistry.

Students in this certificate program must meet the same admission and performance standards as regular degree graduate students. The certificate program requires 18 credits (six courses), all of which are transferable to the appropriate master's degree program. Students may be admitted to study in a Graduate Certificate Program consisting of six courses. The student may not enroll in any other courses besides those that are part of the Certificate Program. Although courses in a Graduate Certificate Program can be credited towards a master's, there is no implication or promise that the student in a Certificate Program will be admitted to the master's program. The student's record must indicate that he/she has the necessary background to complete the courses satisfactorily. 

Requirements for Graduate Certificate Program in Biochemistry:

Minimum: 18 credits, 3.0 GPA

Core: 9 credits

  • CHEM 5410 Advanced Biochemistry I (Fall)
  • CHEM 5600 Spectroscopic Methods (Fall)
  • CHEM 6200 Biochemistry of Cellular Signal Transduction (Fall)


Electives: 9 Credits
Students can take any 3 courses from the following to fulfil certificate degree requirements.

  • CHEM 6800 Advanced Pharmacology (Spring)
  • CHEM 6500 Cancer Biochemistry and Biology (Spring)
  • CHEM 5420 Advanced Biochemistry II (Spring)
  • CHEM 6406  Special Topics in Biochemistry (Spring)






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