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Maximizing access to research careers undergraduate training in academic research (MARC U*STAR)  Program

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From a group that is underrepresented in Bio-medical Sciences (biology, chemistry, biochemistry, psychology, epidemiology). Underrepresented groups include African-American, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, Native American. first generation college students, graduates from high schools with low college attendance, socioeconomically disadvantaged.

Intention to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Biomedical or Behavioral Sciences

Have 60 or more credit hours by the time you begin the MARC program (you will participate in the program for 2 years)

Have a 3.0 or higher grade point average

Availability to participate in Academic Year Research (about 15 hours a week) and full-time Summer Research at another institution (i.e. any University that provides Summer Research Opportunities) for a minimum of 8 weeks of the Summer.



Academic year and Summer Research Experience (spend 10-15 hours a week working on a research project)

 -Opportunity to present research results at National Scientific Conferences

 -Research Seminars

 -Critical Thinking workshop which includes preparation for the GRE

 -monthly stipend of $922

 - 60% of Tuition and Fees paid

 For more information contact:

Dr. Margaret Whalen, Department of Chemistry, Room 210 Boswell Science Building, TSU, Main Campus. (Tel # 615 963 5247; email:
Dr. Lewis Myles, Department of Biology, Telephone 615-963-5789;