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Refereed Articles 

Fan, C., Olorunniwo, F., Jolayemi, J., & Li, X. (in press, 2013).  A characterization of Lower-Tier Supplier Visibility Practices in Supplier Relationshipmanagement.  Supply Chain Forum: An International Journal.  

Olorunniwo, F., Jolayemi, J., Fan, C., & Li, X. (in press, 2013).  Lower-Tier Visibility in Supplier Relationship Management: Issues and Illustrative Industry Practices.  Journal of Business and Economic Perspectives.  

Jolayemi, J. & Fan, C. (2013).  Production-Distribution and Transportation Planning in Flexible Multi-Echelon Supply Chains.  Annals of Management Science, 1 (1), 41-59.  

Li, X., Olorunniwo, F., Jolayemi, J., & Fan, C. (in press, 2013).  Re-examining the Structure of Supplier Stratification Matrix: a Focus on Differentiated Value and Relationship.  International Journal of Procurement Management.  

Olorunniwo, F. & Jolayemi, J. (in press, 2013).  Using Supplier Selection Subcriteria: Selected Illustrative Demographic Analyses.  International Journal of Business Performance and Supply Chain Modeling.  

Jolayemi, J. (2012).  On the Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process in Institutional-Wide Strategic Planning.  Academy of Strategic Management Journal, 11 (2), 17-33.  

Jolayemi, J. (in press, 2012).  Scheduling of Projects Under Penalty and Reward Arrangements: A Mixed Integer Programming Model and Its Variants.  Academy for Information and Management Science Journal, 15 (2), 29-52.  

Jolayemi, J. (2010).  On the Deterministic Model for Planning Production Quantities in a Multi-product, Multi-plant, and Multi-warehouse Environment.  Advances in Business Research, 1 (1), 26-35.  

Jolayemi, J. (2010).  Optimum Production-Distribution and Transportation Planning in Three-Stage Supply Chains.  International Journal of Management, 5 (12), 29-40.  

Jolayemi, J. (2009).  Policy Deployment: A Review and Comparisons of Two Best Practices Models.  Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, 20 (7-8), 877-902.  

Jolayemi, J. (2008).  Hoshin Planning and Hoshin Process: A Review and Literature Survey.  Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, 19 (3), 295-320.  

Refereed Proceedings 

Li, X., Olorunniwo, F., Jolayemi, J., & Fan, C. (2013).  Supplier Stratification Management: Cases from Industries.  2013 Association of Collegiate Marketing Educators (ACME) Conference, Albuquerque, NM.  

Fan, C. & Olorunniwo, F. (2012).  Lower-tier supplier visibility in supplier relationship management: industry perspectives.  Midwest Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting.  

Olorunniwo, F., Jolayemi, J., Fan, C., & Li, X. (in press, 2011).  Challenges faced in supplier relationship management: Perspectives from practitioners.  Costa Rica Global Conference on Business and Finance.  

Olorunniwo, F., Jolayemi, J., Fan, C., & Li, X. (2011).  Future trends envisaged in supplier relationship management.  Proceedings of International Symposium on Logistics.  

Jolayemi, J. (2009).  A Model for production-distribution planning in three stage supply chains.  Midwest Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting.  

Jolayemi, J. (2008).  A Model for the scheduling of projects under penalty and reward arrangements.  Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciemnces Institute.  

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