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Scholarship Opportunities

Are you looking for scholarship opportunities to help fund your education? We award scholarships to qualified applicants.  Several College of Business Scholarships are awarded to business students who have demonstrated academic excellence and leadership abilities.

  College of Business Wall of Excellence Scholarships

There are several Wall of Excellence scholarships available each year. These scholarships are supported by donations from individuals, alumni, and companies.  These are targeted to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Some of these scholarships may be restricted to specific majors. However, a common application is used for all Wall of Excellence scholarships. For more information on selection criteria and eligibility, click here.

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Students will apply for scholarships at

The deadline for applications for Wall of Excellence Scholarships  is March 1, 2015 .

All fully completed applications are checked for accuracy and evaluated by a college committee

  Academic Works 2015  

Thank you for your patience.


Scholarships awarded by Departments

In addition to scholarships awarded by the College of Business, several scholarships are awarded by individual departments. Students need to apply separately to these scholarships.  Deadlines for these scholarships may be different from the March 15 deadline listed for COB Wall of Excellence scholarships.  

Accounting Scholarships: A number of scholarships are available to Accounting majors (graduate and undergraduate).  These are awarded by the Accounting Department. For a list of Accounting scholarships and additional information, please click here.


Business Information Systems Scholarships: Please contact the Department of Business Information Systems for additional information (contact: Dr. Jeffery Siekpe, Department of Business Information Systems Chair).

Economics & Finance Scholarships:
The application form and instructions for scholarships for Economics & Finance majors can be downloaded by clicking on the link. These are also available at the Econ & Finance department website.

Supply Chain Management Scholarships
A number of scholarships are available to students in Supply Chain Management concentration. Qualifying Supply Chain students can earn up to $4,000 (undergraduate) or $5,000 (graduate) in scholarship dollars, please click here

  • Information about SCM scholarships   
  • Application Form (.doc) 


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