Policies and Procedures


Academic Affairs Handbook

1.0 Governance, Organization and General
1.01 Administrative Operations
  1.01.01 Communications
     Request for Communication Services Form
1.02 Facilities
  1.02.01 Agricultural Land Use
     Land Use Request Form
  1.02.02 Farm Equipment Operation
  1.02.03 Greenhouse and Polyhouse Space
     Greenhouse Space Request Form
  1.02.04 Facility Use
  1.02.05 Pesticide Use
  1.02.06 Laboratory Safety

2.0 Academic

3.0 Student
  3.01 Student Employment

4.0 Business and Finance
4.01 Finance
  4.01.01 Collection of Funds, Fees and Other Program Income
4.02 Grants
  4.02.01 Grant Application
               Proposal Information Form
  4.02.02 Internal Funding
  4.02.03 Award Management, External Funds
4.02.04 Award Management, Internal Funds

     Equipment Purchase Request Form  (Required for general equipment over $5,000, specialized equipment over $150,000.

5.0 Personnel
5.01 Documentation
  5.01.01 Documentation of Effort
     Time and Effort Form - Faculty, Graduate Assistants, Student
     Time and Effort Form - Non-Faculty
     Instructions for Time and Effort Forms
     Time and Effort Form Example - Faculty
     Time and Effort Form Example - Non-Faculty Clerical Employee
     Time and Effort Form Example - Non-Faculty Technical Employee

5.02 Non-employees
  5.02.01 Visiting Scientists

6.0 Sexual Discrimination/Harassment/Misconduct

7.0 Safety and Security