Department of Human Sciences
Committees and Representatives

Curriculum Committee

Name Email
Dr. Veronica Oates
Dr. Margaret Machara


Tenure and Promotion Committee

Name Email
Dr. Margaret Machara - Chair


Public Relations and Recruitment

Name Email
Dr. Sandria Godwin – Co-Chair
Dr. Veronica Oates
Dr. Margaret Machara


Student Affairs

Name Email
Dr. Veronica Oates - Chair
Dr. Margaret Machara
Dr. Fur-Chi Chen
Dr. Hongwei Si
Dr. Agnes Kilonzo-Nthenge


Representatives on Faculty Senate 

Committee Name Email
Faculty Senate Representative Mrs. Rita Fleming
Curriculum Committee Dr. Sandria Godwin
Faculty Benefits and Welfare Committee Dr. Hongwei Si
Library Committee Dr. Margaret Machara
Professional Development Committee Dr. Fur-Chi Chen
Research Committee Dr. Agnes Kilonzo-Nthenge




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