Degree Program


The degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is offered to students in the Accounting program.

The undergraduate accounting program is designed and offered to meet the needs of traditional and non-traditional students.  The general education and the College of Business requirements are contained in the University Catalog.  The accounting core, required of all majors, consists of the following classes:

ACCT 3110                 Intermediate I         

ACCT 3120                 Intermediate II       

ACCT 3130                 Intermediate III     

ACCT 3140                 Cost Accounting       

ACCT 3070                 Federal Income Tax I         

ACCT 3200                 Accounting Information Systems            

ACCT 4230                 Auditing Theory       

BLAW 3230                 Business Law I        

Majors have another 6 hours of electives that can be selected from the following courses:

ACCT 4010                   Advanced Accounting

ACCT 4030                   Governmental/NFP Accounting

ACCT 4170                   Federal Income Tax II

ACCT 4800                   Accounting Internship

ACCT 4990                   Independent Study

ACCT 4900 and ACCT 4990 require approval of the Department Head.





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