Staff Senate Committees

The following lists the current standing Staff Senate Committees. If you have suggestions for the committee, you may email the chair, whose name is indicated in red

Committee Purposes and Descriptions

Committees with webpages:
Communications and Information Newsletter
Professional Development Committee

Staff Senate Committee Listings for 2017-2018:

Bylaws and Constitution Commitee
Dijon Daniels - Chair
Harriet Callier
Brittany Cosby

Campus Improvement Committee
Felicia Sweatt - Chair
Rhonda Stewart
Brenda Lane
Reginald Cannon
Thomas Graham

Communication and Information Committee
Jamal Coleman - Chair
Juandale Cooper
Harriet Callier

Employee Recognition Committee
T'Mara Thompson - Chair
Ariel Wells
Ashanti Chunn
Alice Chism-Henson
Trudie Thomas

Staff Activities Committee
Alex Atkinson - Chair
Walretta Chandler
Tawana Irvin
Tequila Johnson
Kiana Hughes

Scholarship Committee
Ruth Gordon - Chair
Darlene Moore
Eddie Cribbs
Jamillah Allen

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Committee Descriptions:

Amenities and Social Committee
This committee shall be responsible for the coordination of social activities and special projects sponsored by the Staff Senate. View this committee's membership.

Bylaws and Constitution Committee
Shall evaluate proposed amendments to the Staff Senate's Constitution and Bylaws, and revise, update, interpret and make recommendations to the senatorial body concerning amendments and revisions to the Constitution & Bylaws. View this committee's membership.

Communication and Information (View Committee Page)
This committee shall disseminate information about the Staff Senate to the University community in print and/or electronic format to include staff newsletter, and Staff Senate website, when available. Fulfill communication needs of the Staff Senate as requested by the Chair or Executive Committee. Coordinate the development of a Staff Senate newsletter, website, logo, motto, articles, etc. View this committee's membership.

Employee Recognition Committee
This committee shall be responsible for programs designed to boost morale and/or recognize employees for outstanding accomplishment in the workplace. Representatives from this committee shall work with, or become a part of any existing committees performing the same or similar functions on behalf of the University. View this committee's membership.

Membership Committee
This committee shall maintain and publish a roster of all non-faculty staff members. The committee shall also serve as the welcoming arm of the Staff Senate. The committee shall develop and present to the Staff Senate for approval an information pack to be presented to each new staff member. View this committee's membership.

Nominations and Elections Committee
This committee shall coordinate the Staff Senate nomination and election processes and be responsible for ensuring that the Staff Senate Constitution and Bylaws are followed when electing Staff Senate members and officers. Compose a list of nominees for Staff Senate Officers, as needed. Monitor the elections of Senators by location and oversees voting on proposed amendments to the Bylaws and Constitution of the Staff Senate. View this committee's membership.

Policies Committee
This committee shall serve as a liaison between the Staff Senate and the Human Resources Department, University Administration, the Faculty Senate, and the SGA on staff-related matters and make appropriate recommendations and suggestions on development and revision of University policies and procedures. This committee shall also serve as a staff resource for obtaining information relating to matters of staff concern. View this committee's membership.

Professional Development and Education Committee (View Committee Page)
This committee shall be responsible for the development and implementation of professional and educational activities that will provide opportunities for professional and personal development for all staff employees. The committee supports participation in educational/training opportunities which enhance job performance and wellness. View this committee's membership.

Workplace Improvement Committee
This committee shall be responsible for gathering information regarding workplace improvement recommendations and/or questions that are not addressed by employee grievance policies and procedures and present same recommendations and/or questions to the Executive Committee for consideration and approval prior to submitting to the President for discussion and/or action. View this committee's membership.

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