Go Green North Nashville - Project Completed - September 2014

Creating Energy-Efficient Upgrades in North Nashville


The Go Green North Nashville (GGNN) program was made possible through a federal grant awarded in 2011 to the TSU Center for Service Learning & Civic Engagement, from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, Historically Black Colleges & Universities Program.  The program was lead by Ms. Roni Christian, Program Manager, who worked to insure the program's huge success.

In partnership with Nashville Electric Service (NES), Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and Hands On Nashville (HON), the GGNN program will provide energy savings education, energy audits & home renovations to homeowners in the North Nashville community.

Through a partnership with Conservation Services Group and TSU faculty, GGNN has provided free energy evaluations of 100 homes and Sustainable Living Community Workshops to assist students and area residents in "going green" - to save money and the environment. 30 homes determined to yield the most benefit will receive a grant award for renovations. Homes will be selected based on need. Through a partnership with HON, the remaining 70 homes will receive weatherization improvements, totaling 100 energy evaluations & 100 renovations performed in North Nashville!

Our goal is to make North Nashville a greener community through student-led service learning projects, energy savings behavioral trainings & technical workshops.

Mayor Karl Dean Group

Mayor Karl Dean and Go Green North Nashville Staff at Launch event. Program Manager, Roni Christian, TSU Graduate Assistants Jamal Henderson and Lore'al Spear, former Program Coordinator, Nekya Young

Community Education

A series of Sustainable Living Community Workshops will be provided to the community and are required for participating GGNN homeowners. These workshops take a holistic approach to educating individuals on environmental issues. Presentations on Why it Matters (human factors that affect the environment, how the state of the environment is affecting humans), Energy Conservation, Waste Management (recycling, reducing waste), Water Quality and Conservation (reducing contaminants, storm water runoff), and Indoor Air Quality explain the relationship between environmental wellbeing and human health and financial wellbeing.

Workshop1 GGNNWorkshop2


Tennessee State University students have contributed to GGNN by participating in energy audits conducted by Real Green Solutions (RGS), providing weatherization improvements and conducting radon and indoor air quality testing. Students and faculty from Vanderbilt and TSU collected paint, soil, and water samples from 7 of the GGNN homes. Data will be analyzed and the results will be given to the homeowners.

Sampling3 Sampling2


During the 2013 Spring Semester, TSU Students will be given the opportunity to serve the community through "2013 Service Day". Student volunteers will assist GGNN and HON staff in landscaping, building rain gardens, and planting shade trees. For more information on TSU Service Day events visit http://tnstatenewsroom.com/archives/9910





Sponsors and Partners

Hands On Nashville, Tennessee State University, Tennessee Valley Authority, Vanderbilt University, Village Real Estate, & The Mayor's Office of Environment & Sustainability

Final Report

  • 100 owner occupied North Nashville homes received initial energy audits
  • 50 determined to need the most energy savings renovations were selected for in-depth analysis
  • 30 of the 50 homes received renovations
  • Homes that were not selected to receive renovations thorough GGNN have been vetted to HON for future weatherization work