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What's happening in OT at TSU

  Occupational Therapy welcomes new faculty member

Mike with child      Dr. Guinevere Bennett joined the faculty in our department January 16, 2014.  Dr. Bennett is a board certified and state licensed chiropractor.  She has over four years chiropractic experience treating clients with musculoskeletal injuries, neurologic problems, pediatrics, and sports medicine.  Dr. Bennett will be teaching anatomy, biomechanics, and neurobiology. 


 Presentation at 2016 AOTA Conference

Conference       Dr. Cathleen St. Dennis and Dr. Larry Snyder presented a poster on
   "Agribility and implications for Occupational Therapy" in Chicago.  

       Dr. St. Dennis also presented a poster on "Fathers Workshop: Promoting the 
   occupational role of fathers in supporting their childrens development".




 Presentation at TSU Diversity Inclusion Summit 2014

  Ms. Christine Watt      Ms. Christine Watt along with Dr. David Lehman (Physical Therapy), Dr. Iris Johnson
  (Speech Pathology and Audiology), and Mr. Darrius Brooks (TSU Admissions) were chosen to present
  at the 2014 TSU Diversity Inclusion Summit on HBCUs (DISH).  They will be presenting on increasing
  diversity in allied healthcare programs.