Welcome From The Director

Baccalaureate Nursing Degree Program (BSN)

student on campus

By making the decision to consider nursing as your career choice and venturing onto this webpage you are changing.  Suddenly you begin to consider ideas and options you would never imagine.  For instance you no longer look at hospitals as places for the sick and injured but places of employment.  As you watch television at night you now watch programs like ER and CSI with a different interest.  Now you want to understand what they are doing rather than seeing it as only entertainment.

You have chosen to consider nursing at a very opportune time.  Our current nursing work force is filled with baby boomers that are beginning to gray and retire.  Nationally there is a concern that nursing as a profession will not have trained enough nurses to replace all those that will retire in the next few years.  However for every interested person like yourself that follows through and begins a nursing program we are that much closer to filling all of those nursing positions.

If you are reading this message you have taken the first step on a challenging, but extremely rewarding path toward a career in nursing.  You may have heard how demanding nursing school can be, but I would like to assure you every successful nurse finished by taking one step at a time.  I would hope your next step would be to contact our office for advisement so you can confidently maneuver the path leading to a career in nursing.  I look forward to hearing from all interested students and assisting you as you pursue your goal of a nursing career.