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Holistic Nursing

The MSN program Holistic Concentration provides an opportunity to complete your degree on-line.  The graduates of the program will enhance and advance their practice in their chosen settings and be leaders in holistic approaches to nursing care throughout the life span.  For students who already have an MSN and are returning for post graduate studies, a Certificate in Post Graduate Studies in Holistic Nursing is available.  This degree is offered totally on-line and is intended to meet the needs of distance students.

Our program is designed for the working Registered Nurse; you may wish to be a part-time or full-time student.  A part-time student in graduate school enrolls for 6 credits each semester and a full-time student enrolls for 9 credits.  In order to qualify for available scholarships, traineeships, fellowships, or graduate assistants you may need to be full-time.  Graduation required 45 credits.  Courses required are listed below.  Elective course options are available through both RODP and TSU.  Please refer to the graduate catalogue for elective options and seek advisement for approval.

Please order a graduate catalogue for more information.  Once you are a student, you will be responsible for understanding processes and regulations outlined in this catalogue.  You can also view the graduate catalogue on-line.  Course descriptions can be viewed in the graduate catalogue.  The graduate catalogue is the definitive source of information about the program.

Contact the Division of Nursing and ask to speak to an advisor to discuss your graduate education in nursing. Contact information is at the bottom of this web page. Whether you come to our program or not, we congratulate you for considering further education in nursing.

  Why Holistic Nursing?

  • Holistic Nurses emphasize the care of the whole human, not only the care of disease.
  • Holistic Nursing understands the human is an interactive system of physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental and other factors.
  • A Holistic model of nursing focuses on patterns and causes of illness not symptoms.
  • Holistic Nursing views disease and suffering as opportunities for healing and growth.
  • Holistic Nurses emphasize health promotion, prevention, self-awareness, self-exploration, self-care and self-responsibility.

Why TSU?

  • Accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).
  • Online classes and course work to accommodate the distance working RN.
  • Clinical hours lead toward certifications in hypnosis, Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Healing Touch, aromatherapy, herbology, guided imagery, acupressure, or other healing modalities that interests the student.
  • Complete your clinical requirements in your own community.
  • Clinical opportunities with internationally known healers and researchers.
  • Investigate research on healing modalities, complementary medicine, and holistic approaches.

What will I be studying?

  • Role of the advanced practice nurse
  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Holistic Nursing theories
  • Advanced pathophysiology
  • Psychoneuroimmunology
  • Stress management
  • Guided imagery and hypnosis in health care
  • Pharmacology
  • Herbology
  • Advanced holistic assessment
  • Complementary healing modalities
  • Ancient healing practices
  • Integrative medicine combining western medicine with other healing approaches

Program of Study:

Courses are offered sequentially once a year. A nurse working full-time and attending graduate school part-time may complete the program in 6 semesters: four 15 week semesters and two summer sessions. Other part-time options are available.


NURS 5000 Nursing Theory 3
NURS 5020 Research 3
NURS 5040 Role Development 3
NURS 5070 Health Policy 3
NURS 5210 Pathophysiology 3
NURS 5280 Pharmacotherapeutics 3
NURS 5100 Advanced Assessment 4


NURS 5080 Holistic Nursing 3 (100 clinical hours)
NURS 5170 Interventions 3 (100 clinical hours)
NURS 5180 Advanced Holistic Nursing Practicum I 4 (200 clinical hours)
NURS 5190 Advanced Holistic Nursing Practicum II 4 (200 clinical hours)


NURS 5200 Thesis Writing 3/3
NURS 5220 Project Writing 3/3

Elective - Three hours of elective course work is required for the Holistic concentration. Students may select graduate courses they determine will meet their educational goals and complement the required course offerings. Approval by the nursing advisor is required.

This is only a sample program of study and does not imply a contract for degree completion. Required courses may change. Please consult your academic advisor for additional information.


Nurses who hold a Master of Science in Nursing degree from a nationally accredited program and are interested in continuing study in Holistic Nursing may be eligible to enter post graduate studies. The three pre-requisite courses required for advanced practice nursing – Advanced Assessment (4 hours), Advanced Pathophysiology (3 hours), and Advanced Pharmacology (3 hours) – will need to be completed before beginning the Holistic Nursing concentration and may be transferred from the previous graduate degree if completed no more than five (5) years prior to TSU enrollment. If the MSN program from which the applicant did not include any of these courses, they may be taken through TSU before admission to the post graduate certificate program in Holistic Nursing. Graduation with a post-graduate certificate will require completion of Nursing 5080, 5170, 5180, and 5190. Graduation from this certificate will require successful completion of the 14 hours of the Holistic Nursing Concentration courses listed above and all associated clinical hours.

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