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Mathematics is an essential grounding for many different disciplines and is used in many of the sciences for quantifying statistics and data. 

Mathematics gains you a general framework in mathematics which will suit the critical thinking and problem-solving skills required in varying fields. 


Astronomy provides training that enables graduates:

  • to gain a better understanding of the universe that they live in, and
  • to enter graduate school in astronomy or related areas.


Physics provides the graduate with:

  •  training relating to scientific work in industry and government requiring (a) a clear understanding of the principles of physics and their application, and (b) the ability to reason logically and to analyze critically;
  • a foundation for graduates to do graduate study in physics or related areas;
  • a requisite knowledge in physics required to complete their various other programs of study in science and engineering.

*Please note that the B.S. in Physics and the M.S. in Mathematics offerings are being phased out.  No new students will be admitted into either of these programs. Any students currently pursuing the B.S. in Physics must complete all requirements by the Summer term of 2014.  Any students currently pursuing the M.S. in Mathematics must complete all requirements by the Summer term of 2013.

Science & Math Tutorial Center                                                              

The Science & Math Tutorial Center (SMTC) is a STEM tutorial support service which began during the fall 2003 semester.  Tutorial assistance is provided by STEM faculty and student STEM majors to a diverse group of students needing additional support in their STEM courses (Biology, Chemistry, Math, and Physics).  Located in room 106 of the Boswell Science Hall, schedules are updated each semester and posted.  Walk-ins are welcome. Linda Woodruff, Coordinator,, (615)963-5868.

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