Mediation Services for Residents

Meet Your Mediator! 

Residence Life Mediation ExpertMs. Sonja Revell

M.S.; Certification in Conflict Management and Mediation

Mediation Services is provided to all residential students that need to resolve conflicts and disagreements with others.  Mediation is here to help you problem solve and come up with fast, fair solutions in a safe and confidential environment. Residence Life offers Mediation services to prevent situations from escalating into a violation of the Code of Student Conduct. Mediation is a tool that teaches you how to address the issues of concern and learning better ways communicate with others.  Mediation is never forced on you but is an offered service of Residence Life and Housing.

Mediation will address roommate conflicts, peer to peer conflicts and any conflict that hinders you as a student from achieving your daily educational goals.   Mediation must be agreed upon by all parties involved.  If you need help working through a matter with anyone, let me help you work through it. 

Mediation will help you facilitate your disputes in a timely manner that is not a part of the student conduct process.  Mediation is the process to use before you violate a university policy.  Mediation must be agreed upon by all persons involved.  After policy is violated, you will be referred to have your case heard in the Office of Student Conduct.

Workshops offered to students include:

  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Ethical Decision Making
  • Improved Communication Skills to Avoid Conflicts

To request mediation services

 Call 615-963-6882 
Email Ms. Revell @
Complete the Student Mediation Request Form 

Resident Hall Directors and other departments
Use the Conflict Management and Mediation Referral Form 

*** All services are confidential ***